Dec. 9, 2009: Holiday Music Trends

Bob Dylan and Twisted Sister are among the artists with Christmas albums.
4:29 | 12/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dec. 9, 2009: Holiday Music Trends
When all of that holiday shopping is done and the stockings hung by the chimney the moment has come for the timeless sounds of Christmas perhaps. Handel's messiah may be a -- of being cross me. Crosby -- all my personal favorite Nat King Cole. What about some Bob Dylan. As -- a star as he may be Christmas music may not be for everyone -- Walt. That is a sign of the times. Not a -- Bob -- in my mind -- next song writers ever. Has released Christmas album. It's so preposterous. That we're gonna make fun of it but you know what it's real and it's sort of sounds like you. He's been stuck under Santa's sleigh for a few years the way sort of crooning out some of those songs I don't know. It's for charity says that cut him some slack. Anyway it's not the worst Christmas chronic history. Kenny G has released -- -- Christmas albums. There's Michael Bolton as white Christmas. -- -- Here in Europe there's a fondness for the Christmas -- remakes the Swedish techno -- -- -- from -- With jingle bells. I have I've never heard any of that stuff so that sort of as frightening in the -- -- But it's not full -- run DMC Christmas in Hollis Wilson. Yeah. And how it yeah. -- college yeah. And the best duet of all time it was 77. Crosby. And. And came to see you. There was -- -- -- with their moves ladies and hair and bittersweet. -- Then -- Twisted Sister. Why do so many -- record this stuff. Well. What a lot of -- do -- they're trying to almost. This -- double their audience is -- okay. I get all my regular fans to -- my record. What's another market can -- -- Christmas fans -- here ago. Bryant Christmas album has sold ten million since 94. -- looked pretty old feminist fantasy. Smooth. This year and -- but -- not so much for my taste. That's -- even stage hasn't -- offering but these coldest. A winter album Holmes who. What is it went trial I don't -- like it's about when Terry Scott songs with Christmas in the title and that's as Christmas out. -- Knowles said and done every artist singing for Christmas. It means you -- -- wish you -- -- man. -- Christmas they -- know it will never -- original and Bing Crosby. 67. -- ago. -- law. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Value and the only. The -- And listen. -- -- In this. -- That's much more -- -- thanks. To -- won't.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Bob Dylan and Twisted Sister are among the artists with Christmas albums.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"15121364","title":"Dec. 9, 2009: Holiday Music Trends","url":"/Archives/video/dec-2009-holiday-music-trends-15121364"}