1985: Accused Spy Family Arraigned

John Walker and son Michael Walker plead not guilty to charges of espionage.
3:00 | 12/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 1985: Accused Spy Family Arraigned
The father and son accused of spying for the Soviet Union said today they are not guilty of the charges against them and John Walker and his son Michael were arraigned in a Baltimore court. ABC's Dennis Trout was there. The alleged father -- by team arrived at the federal courthouse in Baltimore to face six espionage charges apiece. Dressed casually in a red shirt alleged spymaster John Walker was the first to respond to the court said walker and a strong voice not guilty to all counts. His son Michael -- eighty enlisted man accused of passing secrets from the aircraft carrier Nimitz also pleaded not guilty. The younger Walker's wife of eight months Rachel sat in the front row the court room clearly distraught. John Walker's daughter Margaret was almost combative. And tell you have facts to prove that this man is guilty. You have to just wait until the trial. The other members of the alleged firing -- John's brother Arthur and Jerry whitworth the former navy man who was arrested yesterday in California. Whitworth was a radio expert for the navy for more than twenty years where he knew the elder walker since retirement he's worked at the Alameda naval air station in California. Investigators believe what -- maybe the author of letters received by the FBI some months ago. Offering to expose a major spy ring in exchange for immunity from prosecution. The Pentagon says all this apparent treachery by naval experts still does not -- US ships at the mercy of the Soviets. We feel that we still have a qualitative. Edge. Over the Soviets in. Sub surface operations. But we're still assessing the amount of damage. That may have been done. By the walkers and others. Court documents filed in California indicate more indictments may be coming including one against a suspect refer to only by the letter -- Those same documents say John Walker tried but failed to recruit as an agent another of his -- named Laura when she worked as an army communication specialist in the 1970s. Public access to the story of the spy scandal may soon be cut back the judge's order the top FBI spokesman on the case to stop talking to the press about it at least for now. Dennis Trout ABC news Washington.

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{"id":21316061,"title":"1985: Accused Spy Family Arraigned","duration":"3:00","description":"John Walker and son Michael Walker plead not guilty to charges of espionage. ","url":"/Archives/video/june-1985-accused-spy-family-arraigned-21316061","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}