Nov. 17, 1997: Attack on Tourists in Egypt

Gunmen opened fire on tour groups visiting an ancient temple in Luxor, Egypt.
1:51 | 11/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nov. 17, 1997: Attack on Tourists in Egypt
In Egypt today of the worst terrorist attack on tourists in the country's history. Gunman opened fire on a large tour visiting an ancient temple in Luxor. More than 300 miles south of Cairo the shooting continued for two and a half hours and when he was over at least seventy people were dead. Here is ABC's Gillian Findlay. Theme. Should arrive back in Cairo on military planes in -- -- -- the pandemonium of that they would the lucky ones. The gunman had waited at the temple for the first tour buses of the eight who arrived as the -- stepped off the firing started. And didn't stop until the temple's courtyard was crowded with the dead and dying. When he -- his tour guide described how she heard shots and yelled at her group to -- down. I lifted my head to see that -- -- she says and saw a young man coming towards me he started shooting and all the people on the ground. At the casualty total amount of the car window for blood. Doctors were called in from vacation. But dozens who have chosen -- day to visit the temple it was -- too -- Home to the news that the temple for the -- -- Luxor is one of Egypt's most popular tourist spots that brings in millions of dollars in revenue each year. Just last month it was the venue for a Gallup opera performance we're tight security was on display. How about security failed to prevent this attack -- authorities are blaming on Islamic militants is something the government is promising to find out. But already -- accompanied by canceling trips here and governments including America's are warning their citizens to stay away. Tonight Egypt's government is trying to assure the world that this is still a safe place for tourists. But that's -- thing assurance that gave after a busload of German tourist was gunned down in this very square. And that was just two months ago. Gillian Findlay ABC news Kyra.

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{"id":14973629,"title":"Nov. 17, 1997: Attack on Tourists in Egypt","duration":"1:51","description":"Gunmen opened fire on tour groups visiting an ancient temple in Luxor, Egypt.","url":"/Archives/video/nov-17-1997-attack-tourists-egypt-14973629","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}