1985: Yurchenko Returns to Soviet Union

News of failed affair in Canada surfaces after former KGB officer retracts decision to defect to the U.S.
2:13 | 12/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 1985: Yurchenko Returns to Soviet Union
There has been another bizarre twist to the already extraordinary case of -- tidy your Chang -- of the Soviet spy who decided not to defect to the United States. There is a report from Toronto tonight that a Soviet woman named Svetlana dead kolbe described as the wife of a Soviet trade official. Fell to her death last night from a 27 floor of an apartment building in Toronto. Officials of the Department of State say she is the woman who is believed to have been having an affair with your Genco. And whose decision to end of that affair may have played a part in your -- his decision to return home when he did he left the United States tonight. He is headed for the Soviet Union here's ABC's Jack Smith. You're -- was put on a chartered Soviet jetliner this -- -- at Washington's Dulles airport for his return trip to the Soviet Union. As he left US intelligence sources cast more light on his reasons for going back. You're Genco they say had expected Svetlana that cold -- the Soviet official's wife with whom he had been having an affair to join him and his new life in the US. Sources say the CIA arranged for your Genco to -- -- -- Canada last month but that she spurned him. Indeed he had recently been deeply depressed. And the last. Five or six weeks you sort of shut down. In the sense of providing. New information. But most intelligence sources still attribute your Genco -- affection to homesickness and some now wonder if the CIA didn't also contribute by mishandling it. -- -- on the -- you know defected to the US seven years ago -- -- she says was psychologically devastating but the CIA treated her with insensitivity. Often leaving her alone when depressed. I was not -- that played nicely. The people of this visit me as a subject I feel -- -- dealing with the CIA and you probably felt the same way. Former CIA officers say it's happened before. Others think the Soviet embassy most of contacted your -- behind the CIA's back and when he was weakest used threats and persuasion to bring in them. The agency is reviewing its role in the affair. As for -- Genco most sources believe he'll be put on display back in Moscow to show others that Soviet defectors cannot find happiness in the last. Jack Smith ABC news Washington.

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{"id":21312698,"title":"1985: Yurchenko Returns to Soviet Union","duration":"2:13","description":"News of failed affair in Canada surfaces after former KGB officer retracts decision to defect to the U.S.","url":"/Archives/video/nov-1985-yurchenko-returns-soviet-union-21312698","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}