11/1/2000: White House Anniversary

In 1800, John Adams and wife Abigail were first to live in the White House.
3:00 | 09/07/14

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Transcript for 11/1/2000: White House Anniversary
So happens that today marks the building's 200 anniversary happy birthday to you. -- no non resident can really understand the White House as intimately as John's wife -- was the creator of the White House in miniature. And amazingly exact replica sixty feet long weighing twenty tons. One foot in the White House one -- and his replica. And he's brought along a few of the 131 rooms to show us and also here with us. Presidential historian and ABC news analyst Michael Beschloss has also by the way -- trustee of the White House historical association and we're glad to have you. Mr. -- resolve this is an amazing thing you have to you go back about every two months to make sure every detail is exactly right. I call every couple weeks and so if they change campaigning we want change of pain we want to be exactly what the White House for today. And -- we you -- here raised about a million dollars to make sure that you. Keep deserve -- -- -- just for the materials it's all done by volunteer labor everything we just want to give the White House that people and share with everybody. All right let's show the oval office for -- I didn't know they Oval Office. Right Michael FDR was the first one to have the Oval Office as we know. Where it is they've built one in 1909 when William Howard Taft and then that was moved in 1934 -- we -- of all these presence maybe all the way back to. John Adams sitting in this oval room it didn't happen. And you were saying it is -- -- the during the parade the inaugural parade how's this for quick moving. They changed the Oval Office entertaining and they could change that carpet and furniture this is Bill Clinton's and -- that he made it more regal when he -- man. We're showing -- the royal blue -- here. -- southern but each president changes their personality chose shows they're different personalities so it was more western during the reagans and in that course very oriental during reports the soccer -- I don't believe what -- serious somewhere. Well let's show a picture we have photographs -- -- the comparisons have been -- remembers John Kennedy's. Oval Office that we have up there. And he had a nautical theme right in the Oval Office when he was there and then little -- changes and then we had. Of course John what Nixon had a standing royalty. And the -- run -- Reagan had a western. Kind of Oval Office just for comparison. All right Lincoln bedroom you have here -- well have just south of famous Lincoln bed and Barry Barry Bonds. And the furniture and that it's six foot four person can sleep easily there except for -- Michael Lincoln did not sleep here. No and we he probably -- even -- the bad although that was -- by his wife Mary it was a room he used as an office in the cabinet room. And later on president Truman in the late 1940 -- there was no proper remembrance of Lincoln in the White House we've -- all this. Lincoln -- furniture brought into this room to -- -- at least. A Lincoln out. And I want to move on over here because this is. The office currently used by Bill Clinton right. You know this this here shows what western Lincoln -- went -- there's this shows Lincoln's office. But in this room it's the old Lincoln office but that's where the Lincoln bedroom is now. But now when you look -- is to Washington monument during Lincoln's time. In 1864. It was half built. And all the troops a civil war why all those maps are there everything you lose the war room during the civil war beginning -- -- -- me that -- don't get what you actually have little. Pages out of books that you can't be on hand and the maps and -- a whole civil war not Harry Truman gets credit for saving plants he did he can. Into office in 1945 found the place was actually falling apart. Everyone told him the best way to fix it was to tear down the White House -- put it back together. He thought Americans would be appalled that. So he basically had it all scooped out four walls were left standing took four years rebuilding from the inside but look the -- from the -- We all remember that his daughter's piano on one leg actually fell through the ceiling like I want to show everybody that a clip of Jackie Kennedy was also instrumental. And we remember the treaty room and the despair the the disrepair it was in when she gave us the tour and then we'll show you today. He pleaded with the cabinet room done -- -- Theodore wrote about. John and that there was bad luck associated with using Lincoln cabinet -- after the assassination everything. And he moved the cabinet in here. They can this really came rent cars now thank that it would be in just think you see what -- -- that -- the week starting to do it. And here and I replica -- the treaty room. Today and uses Bill Clinton's office right now it's Bill Clinton's office and he had just done all the walls and red. And so the wonderful thing to us that we could save the rooms the way they -- during the different administrations. I want to go back to thank him because you have a story about first time you met Bill Clinton's right he's been governor for three months three months he says. So look very young I thought you with that the sun Covert government director beside your replica of the -- -- -- -- and said two years ago. We have him back someday -- -- live there and I'll invite you over and -- what's the food like let's see entertaining -- and so we have had many many questions. The White House must move view Michael because every single. Every single them out and -- has seen something for. Found absolutely and nowhere more so than not room that we now call the Lincoln bedroom because there is a copy of the Gettysburg address and Lincoln's hand. Just to sit in that room late at night you have a sense. Who Lincoln wants and people sometimes say they think -- he has goes there. Well happy birthday White House and a new resident. Birthday is so very young for the part he had on the way and everybody celebrate.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"In 1800, John Adams and wife Abigail were first to live in the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"14857240","title":"11/1/2000: White House Anniversary","url":"/Archives/video/nov-2000-white-house-anniversary-14857240"}