11/1/2006: Bob Barker Retires

Game show host Bob Barker retires after 35 years with "The Price Is Right."
3:00 | 09/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 11/1/2006: Bob Barker Retires
-- are few Constance an American television but one of them has got to be the price is right the country's longest running game show. And now its iconic host Bob -- has announced his retirement. Funny thing is though if you judge the man by his thing and just think he was 28 not 82. ABC's Nancy -- as a sign of the times. Bob Barker has -- the price is right longer than Johnny Carson did the Tonight Show. Or Dick Clark did American Bandstand. Every person over sixty EC on television. They make their living complaining about what it's like to be old and you never heard that from hand you know -- kind of impressive he just kept going Manning's like Energizer bunny. His youthful as it might explain why in a time -- young TV fans are notoriously fickle markers fans got younger as he you have to -- -- He's a staple in college dorm rooms and. When I was little kids the best part of -- -- again. They don't want the fight right. Like those -- on those. Indeed but -- got a big hit the picket -- That's comedian of the moment Dane Cook young enough to be barker his grandsons of the -- medicinal and if you notice. It's so familiar that it makes you feel fantastic right -- change anything just use things set for thirty years right. This turns in the comedy Happy Gilmore earned barker Generation Y. cult status. And an MTV movie award for best fight. Now you've had enough. -- The octogenarian even -- his own MySpace page though we can't be sure he needed himself. His friends space is filled with other TV old timers like Monty hall and Ron -- And now he's retiring it's his age he says he wants to go out while he's still young. I'm Nancy -- for Nightline. In New York. And Bob -- who will court -- final episode in June we wish him all the best a sign of the --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Game show host Bob Barker retires after 35 years with \"The Price Is Right.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"14853375","title":"11/1/2006: Bob Barker Retires","url":"/Archives/video/nov-2006-bob-barker-retires-14853375"}