Nov. 5, 2009: Fort Hood Shooting

Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas.
8:02 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Nov. 5, 2009: Fort Hood Shooting
Good evening I'm Terry Moran Fort Hood. Home of heroes is tonight. Quiet it is the quiet of a community of soldiers and their families in shock and sorrow the quiet of a crime scene. The quiet. After a massacre what is believed to be. The deadliest mass shooting at a US army base ever it happened early this afternoon at least twelve people have been killed many more. Wounded most of the casualties soldiers. Some of them preparing for deployment overseas. And they were targeted. By one of their own it appears the suspect shooter major Nidal Malik Hasan an army psychiatrist there were reports earlier. That he had been killed during the Rampage but officials revealed tonight in a surprising twist that he survived he is in custody he's in stable condition. With gunshot wounds our coverage of the tragedy here at Fort Hood. Begins with my colleague. -- -- As soldiers preparing to head to war gathered for their final medical exams their last minute paperwork before heading overseas. One of their own walked in and opened fire. The gunshots started at 130 in the afternoon inside what's known as the soldier readiness center at the army's largest military base in the United States. Fort Hood Texas aren't. -- The shots were at close range fired by a trained military officer with a deadly accuracy. With two handguns the -- killed twelve and injured 31. -- terrible tragedy it's stunning and as I shivered as I've gone around to the hospital here. As a -- at the scene. Soldiers and family members and many of the great civilians who work you're absolutely devastated. The victims most of them soldiers were -- -- -- unable to defend themselves. Are responding police officer finally opened fire. She injured the suspect and silence the shooting. -- hospitals across central Texans and overrun emergency rooms pleaded for blood donations. There were rumors of other shooters the entire base was put on lockdown. Children at the bases nine schools were kept inside. Their anxious parents gathered immediately at the front gate. It's really disheartening to be taking -- sending an ailing dying here Childs is very very sensible -- we don't by. The president on military leaders were briefed on the largest mass shooting ever at a military -- It's difficult enough when we lose. These brave Americans. In battles overseas. It is horrifying. That they should come under fire at an army base on American sort. Allegedly by one of their own. Military investigators say the shooter was not some young soldier who lost it over the stress -- heading to war quite the contrary. The suspect is up 39 year old army officer a major name Nadal has song. A military psychiatrists. Trained to help soldiers in his unit. Investigators initially said he'd been killed in the exchange of gunfire. Preliminary reports indicate there was a single shooter that was shot multiple times at the scene. However. He was not killed as previously reported. He is currently in custody. And stable condition. One of the soldiers he had. 21 year old Cara Bono seen here are smiling on her MySpace page. Her mother says she and her husband spoke with their daughter on the phone shortly after she was shot. She was actually. -- and they shot me they shot me you know and was actually really upset that they had shot her I think she was actually more. Mad and upset that she got shot. And then. You know scared I think it happened so fast -- she actually injured. More than six hours after the shooting began lockdown was finally lifted at Fort Hood. And for parents like Cynthia woods she couldn't help but think of her husband her young son's father who is fighting in Iraq. Having to worry about we worry about it -- over there on the -- yet even my spots in the three -- where -- you back here that this eight. I'm Ryan Owens for Nightline at Fort Hood Texas. There are so many questions tonight about the alleged shooter. All boiling down to the basic question why why did 39 year old army major psychiatrist Virginia born. Nadal Malik Hasan do what he is accused of doing our chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross is here with that story Brian. Terry as we learn more about major -- it's clear that as he was about to be deployed to Iraq. He was suffering from some of the same stress which he was trained as an army psychiatrist to treat. Although the sun had just been promoted to major in May his family and those briefed on the case say he had hired a lawyer to help him get out of the army. Apparently became very disgruntled in the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan wars two -- colleagues. In this Internet posting earlier this year a Nadal Hasan compared suicide bombers to GI's who saved their colleagues. By -- themselves on a grenade. Just keep in mind -- mass killers. Pretty much know they're going to die and they tend to want to take as many people with them. As they can at a shooting and I I would be willing to bat. He did not want her survive this event. But if you couple flat with this -- you know it's one of those things that he obviously went to kill a lot of people and commit suicide. May be in his own mind that he saving future lives is illogical as that sounds in his mind that may be quite logical. It on Fox News tonight. One of his cousin said Hasan was the target of constant harassment from others in the military. It was the harassment that I think was getting his foot got so -- him being. -- from his Middle Eastern at this even those born and raised here and went two. Went to high school here in Northern Virginia. The -- an American citizen of Palestinian descent went to college at Virginia Tech and studied medicine at the military's medical school. A neighbor and Marilyn told ABC news she was interviewed tonight by the FBI about the size. Didn't make -- Recognize faces -- illegal. Season VEN -- And can you tell me that what he wrote on the loan. And when did -- write it from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- was described as a devout Muslim by his former mob. Who said he was looking for an equally devout wife. You want someone who who -- to -- The Who adheres to the court on and who was a -- Muslim woman. The son worked as a psychiatrist at the Walter Reed military hospital in Washington for six years until this July. At a pool for their performance evaluation. Was transferred at Fort -- Military base and down. Well there -- received a lot of advanced training in weapons. And shooting classes. In a statement tonight members of the -- somebody said they were shocked and saddened by what happened at Fort Hood today. Instead they sent the families of the victims our most heartfelt sympathies Terry. They also added that he had been called a camel jockey by fellow members of the army.

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