Oct. 17, 1979: Department of Education

President Carter signs the Department of Education Organization Act.
4:56 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Oct. 17, 1979: Department of Education
In 1960. President Kennedy elect. I asked me what job I'd like in the cabinet. And I told about like to go to HEW when the basic reason for that was education. When I got the cabinet I realize. That the problems of health and welfare were so variety that education was relegated. To the back burner. When I came to the senate 1963. The first measure -- place in the hopper was the creation of the Department. Of Education. I felt them that it was absolutely essential. If we were able -- for wayward to take care of children such as this we -- the organization to put into effect. The huge expenditures. Of money that we have been appropriated. And I am so pleased the President Carter. Was the first president during that interim period who realize -- absolute necessity. For Department of Education. So now it's become a reality. Organization -- policy the policies that we have been adopting can be put into effect. And I want to take this opportunity of thanking my colleagues in the congress. And especially you Mr. President -- making it possible for the station to move forward for all of its people with the Department of Education. I don't they send a purses here -- -- strong run -- four. Why America is doctor Benjamin -- him. I've been looking around -- fund. Doctor -- you come here. -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably personifies the dedication. Educators. As well perhaps better than anyone I know in this country. He's been involved in education and under the most trying circumstances for more than fifty years. As a teacher as the president -- a great university. As a later and they extremely difficult sociological change that took place under the aegis. Of education. Which -- -- -- great courage. And his personal influence over many Americans including myself. I think He personifies it just repeat myself the finest elements of education. That is thought it might be good for me to get one of the fourth graders Brent. -- the documents to stand here just to show you how important it is. To bridge the generation gap and how they beneficial effect distinguished and dedicated educators many who who cannot be recognized. Impact on the life of a child. Can be so beneficial to our country judgment to get these to a few. And I'd like to send the bill.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"President Carter signs the Department of Education Organization Act.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"14754270","title":"Oct. 17, 1979: Department of Education","url":"/Archives/video/oct-17-1979-department-education-14754270"}