Oct. 19, 2003: Mother Teresa Beatified

Pope John Paul II beatifies Mother Teresa, making her closer to sainthood.
1:54 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Oct. 19, 2003: Mother Teresa Beatified
A faithful paid homage to Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Then on was -- at a fight in ceremonies at Saint Peter's Square by Pope John Paul the second today. As ABC's bill Blakemore reports it is a crucial step toward -- to it. The tiny woman who said she -- small things with great love today drew an enormous crowd. 300000. Saw -- be ratified. Mother Teresa had raced around the world creating missions -- 123 countries where her nuns now care for the poorest of the poor. John Paul often promoted her visited her in India where she started her work. Indian music today woven into the Roman mass. John Paul has made far more saints than other pope's most in non European cultures to encourage catholicism. But He waved church rules starting her -- edification so soon after death letters had poured in saying make her a saint. No matter how many people believe -- -- -- the Vatican still won't declare that person be ratified the last step before sainthood. Until they can declare that prayers to that person have produced a miracle. Meet Monica best struck. She and the Vatican say a prayer to -- made of Monica's stomach tumor suddenly vanished doctors in India say their medicine curator. Today at saint Peter's face prevailed and John Paul barely able to finish his mass for her. But tonight the city of Rome topped off the celebrations with fireworks in honor of both the struggling Pope. And the nun who He said always gave to -- -- Bill Blakemore ABC news pathetic.

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{"id":14769670,"title":"Oct. 19, 2003: Mother Teresa Beatified","duration":"1:54","description":"Pope John Paul II beatifies Mother Teresa, making her closer to sainthood. ","url":"/Archives/video/oct-19-2003-mother-teresa-beatified-14769670","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}