Oct. 19, 2008: Colin Powell Endorses Obama

Republican Colin Powell backs democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.
2:36 | 10/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oct. 19, 2008: Colin Powell Endorses Obama
This has been a very good day for Barack Obama first the Obama campaign announced that it raised an astounding 150 million dollars in September. Easily and all time record and then Colin Powell a Republican who served as chairman of the joint chiefs and then secretary of state under George W. Bush. Endorsed Obama. It was a real blow to John McCain -- been good friends with -- for decades we start tonight with the endorsements and ABC's John Cochran in Washington. Today Powell said He is sorry to disappoint his old friend John McCain but. I think we need to transformational figure I need think we need. President who is generational change. And that's why I'm supporting Barack Obama not out of -- lack of respect or admiration for senator John Powell did have some cutting criticisms of McCain. His response to the financial crisis. I found that He was a little. Unsure as to how to deal with the economic. Problems that we -- having. McCain's choice of running mate -- -- I don't believe she's ready to be president of the United States and the tenor of McCain's campaign. When convenient He worked with a terrorist leaders to focus on people like mr. Ayers and trivial issues. For the purpose of suggesting that somehow mr. Obama would have some kind of terrorist inclinations. I thought that was over the top. Pollsters say endorsements rarely make a difference is Powell's an exception. An August poll of registered voters showed 35%. Said it would make them more likely to vote for Obama. 19%. Less Sobel. Today a prominent Republican said Powell's wide experience in government undercuts the charge that Obama lacks experience -- That just -- In one sound -- and I assume that somebody will end up in and it. Is it eliminated the experience -- Powell's relations with the White House -- shaky even before President Bush eagerly accepted his resignation for years ago. Today they got shakier when Powell said the next president should change some of Bush's policies. Rush Limbaugh suggested today that Obama -- race may have played a part in Powell's endorsement. Powell denied race had any connection but did say Obama's election would be the story. -- also not only electrify our country and I could electrify the world Powell said He is not angling for a job in an Obama administration. But would consider -- if fans. John Cochran ABC news Washington.

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{"id":14769547,"title":"Oct. 19, 2008: Colin Powell Endorses Obama","duration":"2:36","description":"Republican Colin Powell backs democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.","url":"/Archives/video/oct-19-2008-colin-powell-endorses-obama-14769547","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}