Oct. 28, 2009: Car Bomb in Peshawar

Deadly bomb attack in Pakistan just hours after Sec. of State Clinton arrives.
1:48 | 10/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oct. 28, 2009: Car Bomb in Peshawar
Secretary of state Hillary Clinton arrived in neighboring Pakistan today for a three day visit aimed at overcoming growing anti American sentiment. A few hours traveled from where she is in just hours after she arrived. A massive car bomb exploded in a crowded market in the shower killing a hundred people mostly women and children. -- -- is in Pakistan. This market wants still dresses and toys. But today he was destroyed by a -- so large dozens of victims -- were unrecognizable. This man lost his son. While the flames burned local TV channels broadcast -- split screen on the right the shower on the left Hillary Clinton tried to repair a damaged relationship. We have a united. And shared. Vision of the kind of future where each child. Doesn't have to fear when he or she goes to school. -- to -- markets. Clinton is also trying to ensure the Pakistani military continues its operations against the -- -- along the Afghan border. An operation that has worked much of the recent violence including today's attack. Security is so tight for Clinton's visit this is as far as most cars can get to where she stain which is four checkpoints and about one mile behind me. Her agenda is complicated by rising anti Americanism here for rallies and from primetime talk show host. Why is it actual. Constantly using drone attacks -- -- -- on why the US -- zones are free to bring about this communal that's why I'm here. Because I want to clear the air. To clear the air with -- population who support the US needs to fight its battles picture for an ABC news Islamabad.

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{"id":14835587,"title":"Oct. 28, 2009: Car Bomb in Peshawar","duration":"1:48","description":"Deadly bomb attack in Pakistan just hours after Sec. of State Clinton arrives.","url":"/Archives/video/oct-28-2009-car-bomb-peshawar-14835587","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}