9/13/93: PLO-Israeli Peace Agreement

Peace accord calls for withdrawal of Israeli troops from parts of the West Bank.
3:00 | 09/14/16

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Transcript for 9/13/93: PLO-Israeli Peace Agreement
As of last Friday at today's signing between the PLO in the Israelis was going to be a relatively low key affair. Well as low key it is any White House signing can be. Israeli prime minister Rabin had decided to stay home. He had absolutely no desire to share any public stage with PLO chairman Arafat. And the way the US government had left things the parties themselves to decide who was coming to Washington and who was not. But then very early Saturday morning shortly after six Israeli time. Ravine got a phone call from US secretary of state Christopher Arafat had decided to attend the signing ceremony. And President Clinton was issuing a personal invitation to the prime minister to be on hand also. The personal invitation from the president of the United States. Especially when your government is getting a three billion dollars a year in US aid is not an easy thing to turn down. But if prime minister Rabin who looked as though there was several places he would rather have been today. Now you know why. But we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. It's they brought the morning sure was to the White House today talked to worry of the bottom of the South Lawn work Charlie and Paula. And Bryant and Kate. Sure signs. That history was about to be made. But in Gaza itself the very spot that will soon come under the authority of the Palestine Liberation Organization. It looked like so many other days the frustrated the angry those without full. Giving vent to their fewer. Even Jericho which will also come under PLO control. There was more of a sense of the day. It may be here in this ancient biblical city of that Yassir Arafat sets up repeal those new headquarters. They were marching and chanting in Jericho today. Why 03 White House staffers. Between Clinton and Rabin and Arafat. Were doing a dry run. Out of the yes and moved from stash. And the table on which so dark and vegan and Carter signed the Camp David agreement. Was being nudged into its proper place South Koreans excellent. On this day at the White House former secretaries of state or block on the market defense and Kissinger. William. And your tally after years of service you get a sense of how much effort the United States has invested in helping bring this state defense. We describing. This process. Was walking on actions that elicited revered in these women. How does it feel to you whether Sunday is this appropriate but perhaps maybe a mine field vision is a very important. There's more descriptive as penny light. Because the stakes are so high. That they've got to make it succeed then anything that put them but got on oh as I have a clue and several thousand office instigated to. Does he do it if it. The Palestinians talk about over moved close the Israelis took a vote of crystal clear the agreement do us busy this. No actually they expect us to do it couldn't have been angry I think that was in the death and the European man news. I think that what many others have enough mentioned and I think that these days the plank and has been left for these projects. I didn't sleep in order to get up this morning I was working nonstop so I was very busy turning to six last minute things. And I am. Mohammed said. Good news. Today the leadership of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization well signed a declaration of principles. On and around Palestinian self government. It charts a course toward reconciliation. Between two peoples who have both known the bitterness of Exxon. Now both pledged to put old sorrows and anterior to antagonisms behind them. And to work or a shared future shaped by the values of the Tora that around. And the Bible. This sighting of the Israeli Palestinian. Declaration of principle here to date. It's not so easily. Mayo told myself. As a soldier in Israel's role. No quo that people is where the news. Program on Israeli television which follows the lives signing ceremony from Washington. Has a report on its home a few rules of three Israeli soldiers killed only yesterday in Gaza. But juxtaposition of images that will create problems for Rabin back home and he knows it. Let me say to you they're Palestinians. We are the Stan. Tunic who beard do all the decisions so. Indecision learn. We there's soldiers whoever it and from bet who stained with blood. We'll look seeing all of that let thieves and put men. Appeared before our audience. We were evident then though they've funerals. And care not to look into orbit usually all although there are prepared. We say through you to bury him in the low and that continue to voice. And enough old blood and PUs. I remember all of you. This food and Google search. Should be. You know more. There's no illusion book. You condone. Words. Cannot come from food. But I believe it's only if we've that he soon. Painful truth. There won't job. Through good old pollution sort of war with blood and can. In in my pocket to send them the battle for peace Equus is the most difficult battle of our lives again. It deserves our army post reports. Because the land of peace and on the land of peace two years for a just and and comprehensive peace to. This and I mean I didn't. I remember that I that I have dubious. Spots. For the White House. Through with the sticker prices. Which had been given type might be put. But a lot of my fierce but we did distance. Keeps. They ought to mean women. It's replaced keeping. It's a good acute. And now when you hear. Some of your former colleagues of a Palestinian leader. Calling for you of this. Do you ever think. I miss Sandra Zuback. No one can escape from his this. You're told my friend Peter Jennings. A few moments ago at home. That you wished you had been by the side of the markers yes what do you mean you know what to the meaning of death. As as a Muslim to be a map yes. Time seemed an unbelievably. There in this and I am of the for profits. I'm aren't going divisions. And having. So he in a sense for you. It would be a fulfillment to die for the cause. Taught the course known as an adult. Okay have reached it's been presented with. Hesitation. It took fewer seem like an eternity. To lift your own. And shakers. We're not dog you a moment too soon few. Distinguish recent food and and need to finish. Monsoon to negotiation. We'll look good there appears little bishop also. Unfilled and should include. A provision you did infectious. You know. Lungs. And a good. Does anything good low. I'm able. You cannot change the bus and number. Can go back to the costs because it doesn't accuse. Well that can. We are killing me. So there is no way back because. Beck Denton Texas.

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{"id":10857489,"title":"9/13/93: PLO-Israeli Peace Agreement","duration":"3:00","description":"Peace accord calls for withdrawal of Israeli troops from parts of the West Bank.","url":"/Archives/video/sept-13-1993-plo-israeli-peace-agreement-10857489","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}