9/14/82: Grace Kelly Dies

The Princess of Monaco dies from injuries suffered in a car accident.
3:00 | 09/14/16

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Transcript for 9/14/82: Grace Kelly Dies
Princess grace of Monaco Grace Kelly has died she died in a Monica hospital tonight with her husband prince rainy and her three children decider. A hospital in palace spokesmen have said only unfortunately it was true that she died of vascular and cerebral hemorrhage and the suspicion is that that is the result. Or that his the complication. Of the result of injuries suffered in a car accident in southern France on Monday. You may recall it princess grace and her youngest daughter Stephanie were driving on a mountainous road in southern France when their car went out of control. It is believed the brakes failed the car turned over and princess grace suffered multiple fractures. Died in a Monaco hospital tonight of complications as the result of an accident. ABC's Lynn shirt now looks back at princess grace who of course millions of Americans view as Grace Kelly. Her life is a Hollywood movie queen was a fairy tale by itself. The cool beautiful blind at regal on screen recorded and loved by every lens motion picture idols. But off screen she created an even greater fantasy capping school girl's dream and a whirlwind romance by marrying the brits going off to live in a castle. She was born rich nearly 53 years ago to an Irish American family that made its fortune in Philadelphia. A shy child she took to acting at the ages ten and started her career in summer stock in television. Her first major film was high noon director Alfred Hitchcock's RNX and cast turn dial M for murder. Hitchcock described her as having sexual elegance that term and the stardom stock. In 1954 she won an Oscar for country girl ultimately making eleven movies in all including high society just before her marriage. With that spectacular event to prince Rainier the third of Monaco. She shared his 139 titles and became one of the most celebrated members of reigning European monarch he. Although she turned down three motion picture offers the former Grace Kelly was beginning to reappear in public in her own right recently. And rumor had it that she might consider doing another film. Recently she told one interviewer that her life was not really a fairy tale that she was like all contemporary women trying to cope. And recently she talked with ABC's Pierre Salinger. I don't think I. Was accomplished enough as an active to be remembered for that particular. Well I'd like to be remembered as a as a decent human being. And a caring won. Lyn Sharon ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Princess of Monaco dies from injuries suffered in a car accident.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"10910438","title":"9/14/82: Grace Kelly Dies","url":"/Archives/video/sept-14-1982-grace-kelly-dies-10910438"}