9/15/83: Israeli PM Begin Resigns

Due to health problems, Menachem Begin resigns as Israel's prime minister.
3:00 | 09/14/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 9/15/83: Israeli PM Begin Resigns
Israel's prime minister vegan has officially resigned and while there is still heavy fighting in Lebanon the effort to get a cease fire has become intense some would say frantic. There are very few political individuals who have made such a mark during the history of Israel as no knock them big and for most of his life he's been in combative outspoken man absolutely determined that his view of what Israel should be is the right few. Well today he resigned the an uncharacteristic. Fashion here's ABC's bill Siemens. The last time on this debate was seen in public was eight days ago. Then he's got to his home. See no one but his post as Colin. The Israeli newspapers speculated that they didn't help. And deteriorated so much that he was just took weeks to make the ceremonial trip to the president's house to present his resignation letter. Today that weather finally reached president I'm hurts our delivered by the cabinet secretaries forum is the bag. Who his spokesman said didn't go personally because he has a facial infection which has prevented him from caving for several days. Implying that they get did not steely look well enough to appear improper and other aides said they can resign because of physical weakness. The way is now headed for president hurts our call upon them and he always has the best chance to form a new government and and it's expected to be foreign minister Yitzhak Shamir. Who says he has the coalition majority needed to Rupp. But opposition labor party leader Shimon Peres. Still thinks he has a chance I believe that the obligation. Rules such as for the president of ahead of the news and its case might say. Would be solved we did do people apply and former government. Until then they'll prime minister takes over Mr. Big and will continue on his head of an interim government. And so while mr. Vega remains in seclusion here there's Jerusalem residence the focus now turns to foreign minister Yitzhak Shamir. If as expected through music scene in the face of the food to focus group. But the policies will not contribute could keep even Carter. It is based on his own. Are opposed to Camp David agreement which led to a peace treaty with Egypt. Was against returning the Sinai to Egypt. Supports unrestricted Jewish settlement of the occupied West Bank Golan Heights and Gaza. Opposes any compromise with the Palestinians. On full Israeli control of the West Bank. Israeli army in Lebanon as long as lead. Today he told American mediator Richard Fairbanks that Israel would not allow the PLO to move into the area recently left by the friends. Thus under the with the parents of a gentle grandfatherly type debates the tough part of a simple arc where Israel's security is concerned. And while Washington can look forward to issue mayor as a prime minister with a personality easier to talk to them was Faggins. He may well be even tougher at the bargaining table. Bill Siemens ABC news Jerusalem.

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{"id":10867211,"title":"9/15/83: Israeli PM Begin Resigns","duration":"3:00","description":"Due to health problems, Menachem Begin resigns as Israel's prime minister.","url":"/Archives/video/sept-15-1983-israeli-pm-begin-resigns-10867211","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}