Ex-NYPD Cop Held in Alleged Airport Bomb Hoax

Devise had all the components, but no detonator, officials say.

Sept. 11, 2011— -- A man identified as a former NYPD detective was taken in to custody at the airport in Kansas City, Mo., today when bomb technicians determined he had a full hoax bomb in his carry on, federal authorities told ABC News.

The device the man was allegedly carrying had all the components of a bomb but no explosives or detonator, federal authorities said.

The U.S. Attorney in Kansas City is weighing charges in the case and authorities are attempting to see if the man is willing to explain himself. So far, officially, he has not.

The discovery of the device closed portions of the airport for several hours.

Sources told ABC that a decade ago the man was a NYC police officer for about three years.

Supposedly security didn't like what they saw in the bag and when they questioned him they got this kind of answer, police sources said:"'Open it you'll get a big surprise' or statement to that effect."

A bomb squad was called and they did a shot--a controlled blast or water or sand jet into the bag to disrupt any firing mechanism. No explosives or firing mechanism was found.