Dear ABC News Fixer: Help Cure My Health Insurance Woes

PHOTO: Medco signStan Honda/AFP/Getty Images
A sign in the lobby of the Medco pharmacy plant in Willingboro, N.J., is shown in this Dec. 2, 2010 photo.

Dear ABC News Fixer: My husband and I have had Aetna insurance through the Railroad Workers Health and Welfare Plan for many years. Aetna wants us to use Medco for prescriptions, which we do. We get the same meds every 90 days -- I order them by phone.

Last November, my doctor faxed my prescription renewal to Medco. This medication has always cost me $5 and is charged to the credit card I have on file.

For some unknown reason, when my doctor faxed the form, they didn't charge it to my Aetna insurance or my credit card. They sent me a bill for $89.46!

When I called Medco, they said they used a United Healthcare account, not our usual Aetna. I told them I didn't have United Healthcare, but they said yes, you do and you owe us $89.46.

I looked into this and found out that when I started a new job in May 2011, even though I opted out of their insurance, somehow my name ended up in their United Healthcare enrollment and I never knew about it. My job has since un-enrolled me.

I have called Medco at least 10 times to try to resolve this and have gotten 10 different answers. Why can't they just bill this to the correct insurance?

- Linda Simpson, Nashville, Tenn.

Dear Linda: Ah, insurance problems. If nothing else, they keep the ABC News Fixer in business.

You told us that you realize it was the HR mistake that started this problem, not Medco. Still, on one of your many calls to Medco, you said you were told they could adjust the billing so you'd only owe $5. For whatever reason, that never happened.

We had a little better luck. After we explained the mix-up, they were able to issue a courtesy credit for the whole thing. Now your balance is $0.

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