Dear ABC News Fixer: My Sears Lawnmower, It Vanished

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Aug. 20, 2013 — -- Dear ABC News Fixer: My Sears lawnmower has vanished. Here's what happened:

I dropped off the mower to be repaired on May 23, under the terms of my maintenance agreement. The contract states I must be notified in 14 days if the repairs will take longer.

I've repeatedly called the service center, which says it is in transit. I've emailed two managers, with no luck. My son stopped in the store and talked to an employee who said she would check and call me the next day. That was two weeks ago.

I cannot go all summer without a lawnmower.

I even tried the Sears website's "contact us" feature twice, and still no response.

- Barbara Wall, Harleysville, Pa.

Dear Barbara: Reading your plea for help, we were imagining a front yard resembling "Little House on the Prairie" two months into this lost lawnmower ordeal.

A call to Sears seemed to be in order. We were able to reach a higher-up at Sears' corporate headquarters, who promised to jump on this right away.

A day later, we got the bad news: your mower apparently fell into some sort of transit black hole. We also got good news: Sears promised to give you a new one.

You picked up a new, upgraded model soon after. Sears also promised to transfer your service contract, so you're good to go – and mow.

- The ABC News Fixer

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