Former FBI Agent Investigates 'Naughty' Judge

Judge Nottingham is under investigation for alleged judicial misconduct.


March 17, 2008— -- A former FBI agent has been hired to investigate Colorado's top federal judge who was recently linked to an investigation into a Denver-based prostitution ring.

Former FBI agent David Brundage is working for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in its investigation of Judge Edward Nottingham for alleged judicial misconduct in two cases, ABC News has learned.

The news comes on the heels of a federal investigation into a prostitution ring called the Denver Sugar/Denver Players, in which Nottingham has been identified as a customer. According to a Denver television station, KUSA, Nottingham's nickname among the prostitutes was "Naughty."

Last year, following divorce proceedings, the judge's ex-wife reportedly told the FBI that he spent thousands of dollars at a local strip club and subscribed to an Internet dating site that contained pornography while using his federal computer.

Chief Judge Robert Henry acknowledged last week he was "taking under advisement" a judicial misconduct complaint about a federal judge, identified as Nottingham.

Sean Harrington told the Rocky Mountain News he filed that complaint after Nottingham dismissed his civil rights and damages case, charging Nottingham's conduct brought "disrepute to the judiciary."

Another case of judicial misconduct against Nottingham was filed by disabled Denver resident Jeanne Elliot.

Elliot says she confronted Nottingham last year after he parked his car in a handicapped space.

"He waved his judge's badge and threatened to have me arrested by federal marshals," Elliot told ABC News.

She said former FBI agent Brundage, who identified himself as a special investigator for the 10th Circuit Court, has interviewed her about the incident. "His interview skills were great," said the one-time attorney.

When contacted by ABC News, Brundage declined to comment as did a spokesperson for the 10th Circuit Court.

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