The ABC News Fixer on 'Katie'

Stephanie Zimmermann, the ABC News Fixer, dishes consumer advice.
4:55 | 03/01/13

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Transcript for The ABC News Fixer on 'Katie'
It's terrible when you see all these scams ripping people off and -- she's taking such damage a people who are afraid are nervous her. You know feel guilty about something in and -- -- in tough situations to begin with and let's talk about some of the rip -- that often affect consumers one. Is and not so free free trials what are those -- -- -- those Arab whenever you're on your computer online and you see a little ad for a free trial for a product. Usually diet supplement and -- help there are beauty product I always funny yeah I had it's prayer day again but the catch is that they need. Money for shipping and handling and it's a small amount money maybe three and five -- for -- five. But you have to provide your credit card number your debit card number in order for them. To charge you -- the shipping. And what you don't realize is that when you click on the terms and conditions and nobody ever read this those terms and conditions. I'm you know eighteenth paid the the final you know -- of that. It's some small print that says that -- also signing up for membership -- -- green to allow them. To send you more product every month and charging for and -- had a heart to extricate yourself and our arrangement many people if they're not organized one or two months we'll go by before they realize but by then you've already bought at least one month for the stock and usually it's -- 999 so there -- your free trial. So yeah recourse for people. Not you know that the FTC has actually taken action against some of these online marketers and had some six fast but I mean really the best thing is to remember it. Just like your mom said nothing in life is free sex but that fencing in the hearing unchecked -- and a another scam as the mystery shopper. Yeah and this is one that preys upon people who are. Outward looking for a job may be -- stay at home mom who's looking for a fun -- and earn a little extra income. And you apply for the job it's a mystery shopper job are sometimes called -- secret shopper jobs. And it is you know just like it sounds you go to a -- you evaluate their services and write up reports and you get paid for doing. So you applied for the job. And they you're hired and they send you a check in in the hall. Made out to you for anywhere between 2004000. Dollars usually. In your -- posted to posit this in your own bank account and then you get your first assignment. And the winning fool you is sometimes still hadn't to a little shop like they'll say OK take of that 4000 dollars keep 200 dollars for yourself -- your payment. Go -- you know a big box store and 500 dollars worth the -- and send us a report and you think you really have a job and your were your report. And then -- say. On cocaine -- next senior testing is a wire transfer service such as western union or MoneyGram and now we want you want we likely to take 3000 dollars of that money that we sent to send it back to us. And so you do that and they have runners they're usually based overseas -- runners in the United States that seems sending it someplace in the end it's anything don't really think anything -- it. And the problem is that it's -- they sense you. Was -- kind of attack made -- somebody -- stolen so you're not that money from Eric and then you're exactly sell and the way the banking system works is when you deposit -- -- which will be accepted by your bank because it has real routing numbers on because it was stolen from a real person's bank account. Your bank we'll take that sack and it'll stay in your account right away funds available. They have to make it available usually within twenty for hours. Two to three weeks later your bank when they communicate with the other bank and finally figure out what's going and they realize it was. A counterfeits act. And then you had just sent them in your -- 3000 dollars. Finally there's something -- a mortgage scam Tom -- added to rescue scams and that's really been prevalent since the recession yeah absolutely and it's again at one of these despicable scams where they're praying upon people who are already in dire financial straits so. They may advertise in news paper -- line offering services to get you out of your debt problems and they'll help you refinance your mortgage. The catch is that they make you pay -- administrative the year processing fee up front. And the other way he gets scanned in addition to paying them administrative fee up front and these people we'll take your money just disappear. Is that when you filled out all those forms you gave them -- year information sent out I have your Social Security number not your banking history in. Everything say you're gonna get it's like the gift that keeps on giving your and it just keep getting. -- -- help a lot of people are paying attention to this because we can save many people a lot of grief hardy can money. By -- not falling for these --

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{"id":18634360,"title":"The ABC News Fixer on 'Katie'","duration":"4:55","description":"Stephanie Zimmermann, the ABC News Fixer, dishes consumer advice.","url":"/Blotter/video/abc-news-fixer-katie-18634360","section":"Blotter","mediaType":"default"}