Boston Marathon Bombings: FBI Releases Images of Suspects

Authorities seek public's help in identifying two men seen in surveillance footage.
6:06 | 04/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Marathon Bombings: FBI Releases Images of Suspects
Good afternoon my name is Richard glory day and I -- the special agent in charge of the FBI's Boston division. Since Monday's bombings the FBI -- law enforcement partners have been working around the clock and are fully committed to investigating the matter this matter to bring those responsible to justice. Our collective law enforcement team has pursued thousands of leads and tips. As I said two days ago we are working methodically in with a sense of urgency to identify those responsible. For the bombings. Within the last day or so through our care -- that careful process we initially developed a single person of interest. Not knowing that the individual -- acting alone -- in concert with others we obviously worked with extreme purpose to make that determination. Entire force of the federal government the FBI and Boston around the world as well as our partners in the Boston Police ATF. Massachusetts state police and more than thirty agencies of the Boston. Joint terrorism task force have set about to ensure that all responsible. For the bombings will be brought to justice. More importantly it was done to ensure the future safety at the city of Boston the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the country. Indeed through that process the FBI developed a second -- some suspect. Today we are listing the public's help to identify the two suspects. After -- very detailed analysis of photo video and other evidence we are releasing photos of these two suspects. They are identified -- suspect one and suspect to. They appear to be associated. Suspect one is wearing a dark hat suspects who was wearing a white -- Suspect to set -- backpack at the site of the second explosion. Just in front of the -- restaurant. We strongly encourage those who were at the -- restaurant but not contacted contacted us yet to do yourself. -- conceived from -- to be open from one of the images suspects went into appear to be walking together through the marathon crowd. On Boylston street and the direction of the finish line. That image was captured as they walked on Boylston in the vicinity of the interception with Gloucester street. As you can see -- -- quality of the photos is quite good. We will continue to work on developing additional images to improve their identification value. Further -- FBI dot -- We have photos of the suspects. The photos and videos are posted for the public and media to use review and publicize. For clarity these images should be the only ones and I emphasize the only ones that the public should -- -- to assist us. Other -- should not be deemed credible and -- -- and they unnecessarily -- the public's attention in the wrong direction. And create -- work for vital law enforcement resources. For more than 100 years the FBI has relied upon the public to be its eyes and years. With the media's help in an instant these images will be delivered directly into the hands of millions around the world. We know the public will play a critical role in identifying and locating these individuals. Somebody out there knows these individuals as friends neighbors coworkers. Or family members of the suspects. -- it may be difficult the nation is counting on those who have information to come forward and provide it to us. No bit of information no matter how smaller seemingly inconsequential. Is too small for for us to see. Each piece moves us forward towards justice. It is extremely important to contact us of any information regarding the identity is -- suspect one suspects to end their location. We consider them to be -- armed and extremely dangerous. No one should approach them. No one should attempt to -- apprehend them except law enforcement. Let reiterate that can't reiterate that caution do not take any action on your own. If you see these men contact law enforcement. If you know anything about the bombings are the men pictured here please call -- telephone listed on the photo arrays that's 1800 call FBI. Again that's 1802255324. All calls will be kept confidential. We have also established a website for tips that directly relates to the bombing. Please contact please contact us at Boston Marathon tips dot FBI dot -- Again that website is Boston Marathon tips. Dot FBI dot -- The photos can be viewed on our website FBI -- It is important to emphasize the images from Monday are indelible and the horror -- that -- will remain with us forever. That's further underscores our obligation to investigate this crime judiciously. In order to bring these -- those responsible to justice. The victims and the survivors deserve nothing more. Nothing less excuse me as -- as to Monday's victims. The FBI is committed to ensuring that victims receive the rights they are entitled to and the assistance they need to cope with the crime. Treating victims would respect and providing them with -- benefits benefits. And -- and and assistance will better our cases. Our resources include an office of victim assistance -- FBI headquarters and -- in the specialists nationwide. These highly trained professionals can assist victims and coordinate with other agencies to provide victims with the support. Information and resources necessary to effectively meet their needs. Our -- specialist team continues to work around the clock to bring assistance to the victims of this heinous act. Identifying and locating those responsible is now our highest priority. Nor -- -- -- to be invested investigation will be released at this time because this is our focus now it continues to be an ongoing active. Investigation. Review these photographs and contact us at 1800 call FBI. Or www. Boston Marathon tips dot FBI dot -- immediately. Thank you very much.

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{"id":18992236,"title":"Boston Marathon Bombings: FBI Releases Images of Suspects","duration":"6:06","description":"Authorities seek public's help in identifying two men seen in surveillance footage.","url":"/Blotter/video/boston-marathon-bombings-fbi-releases-images-suspects-18992236","section":"Blotter","mediaType":"default"}