Critic Calls 'Battery Cages' Cruel

Paul Shapiro of the Humane Society calls for cage-free chicken farming.
2:24 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Critic Calls 'Battery Cages' Cruel
Chickens have large number of natural behaviors that are important programs are engaged in. And some of them include not only walking around and spreading their wings laying their eggs and nests but also -- Which you can see these birds are running -- you can see them all hover around us here. Scratching up -- getting a chance to actually clean themselves as very important for. Of course unfortunately the vast majority of laying hands on our country are confined -- battery cages that are so -- and so restrictive that. The -- not only can't engage and natural behaviors like spreading their wings and nesting. Foraging but they can barely move an -- their entire lives -- in these birds are essentially in a state of new year in mobilization. For more than a year before -- -- slaughtered. Nearly as difficult to imagine -- more miserable existence. -- you can -- these guys here how they're digging up the ground and they like to not only look for insects and worms to eat that this is where they would. Engage in some of their normal behaviors like just -- Scratching and you can look insane it is very clear how she's going through and scratching up dirt. Looking forum looking for insects he is let's -- -- things in the is -- like to deal. And yet often on factories farms -- -- locked up in cages they're not -- not doing this they're not doing anything. I mean is birds are essentially been turned into egg laying machines. Rather then having anybody recognize that -- is there. Actual animals who are capable of suffering and in this importantly have a desire not. A a large number of retailers are switching to cage free eggs and what that means is not at the birds are living like -- but it does mean that the birds. At least are not locked up in cages -- they can barely dividends their entire lives. The cage free birds are able to walk around they're able to spread their wings they lay their eggs in -- And those are all important improvements for these birds. So the type of things that we're seeing some of the bigger retailers doing now. Is not going for pie in the sky solutions not going for idyllic or McDonald's farm type conditions for the birds. But they're improving the conditions for -- -- and that's that we need to see more of and that's what we you really need to see happen. Four major retailers in our country now.

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{"id":14987090,"title":"Critic Calls 'Battery Cages' Cruel ","duration":"2:24","description":"Paul Shapiro of the Humane Society calls for cage-free chicken farming.","url":"/Blotter/video/critic-calls-battery-cages-cruel-14987090","section":"Blotter","mediaType":"default"}