My Dinner With Herman Cain

Woman describes a "very odd request" from Cain during a trip to Egypt.
4:00 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for My Dinner With Herman Cain
It was some months after September 11 2001. And the USA ID projects that I was working on I did not work. Specific acted or not personally worked for US that even -- -- any profanity projects. That -- Management luminaries to Egypt's two. Two seminars on private sector management strengthening her. -- -- and hence the competitiveness. Egyptian private sector managers. After September 11 we had fewer speakers who were willing to travel to the middle -- understandably. So. My projects and -- come -- -- -- on -- my project and reached out to a reputable local speakers bureau. To to look for possible. -- speakers to come out. -- Recommended Herman Cain. And we looked to his bio and his background materials and we were wondering if he was. Necessarily good fit for our project and what we were doing but speakers bureau said that -- excellent speaker. You know -- great story about management marketing. And would play very well to the Egyptian audience. -- so we have been out there. We invited him to come speak humans compensated. His travel was covered and and he was compensated speakers -- he -- to Egypt he gave -- seminar. And -- after he used on speaking there was the Q&A portion. And -- woman in the audience. Asked a question. And he. Answered her questions. Answered a few more questions than than me but -- and I was over. And shortly after he left the stage he. Approached a colleague and myself and said. You know something to the effect of could you please put me in touch with the lovely young woman in the audience to -- -- the questions that I can give her more detailed answer a retainer. And we thought that that was a very odd request. And we were a little suspicious that this -- And also you know think -- both afterwards. Discussing it at the end of the next day at work and -- -- that was a little bit hypocritical. Used -- on stage talking about what a family man who runs. And how important his Christian values were to him and that means just asking. -- -- -- a dinner with a woman from the audience. -- -- -- -- -- -- we thought it was a lot of class so we've said that we couldn't it's to divulge the contact information of any of the attendees of our seminars. So then he's -- book -- it and then let's go to dinner I hate eagle island. Calm and -- think that my face probably. Indicated. That I was uncomfortable with and so my -- -- and -- let's go to dinner. So we all went to dinner. And at which point you know it was a fairly nondescript -- I don't remember any particular. Highlights of the dinner conversation. We just talked about the day ends. -- -- ends his experiences as a businessman what have you. Well but I too remember that he ordered to very expensive bottles of -- And and we thought it was a bit odd that Hughes the one who suggest that we don't to dinner. He's just been very generously compensated. -- project funded by taxpayer money. For a day's work and then -- Latin ordered these too expensive bottles of -- and and when bill -- he did not make me. -- it though that we haven't.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Woman describes a \"very odd request\" from Cain during a trip to Egypt.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Blotter","id":"14910774","title":"My Dinner With Herman Cain","url":"/Blotter/video/dinner-herman-cain-14910774"}