How to Safely Cook Your Eggs

Former FDA official explains why thorough cooking is safest strategy.
1:43 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for How to Safely Cook Your Eggs
What what is -- -- up. So -- is is one of the most frequent causes bacterial food -- It's sweet we're looking at about a 1000001 point five million Americans -- out here. -- -- from acts -- from lots of different times news. But hey this is one of the well known well recognized vehicles for carry Salmonella to humans -- A couple of years ago we had a very large. Salmonella outbreak that was linked switched -- point. It can be dead. Salmonella is is one of those -- born bacteria. That if you susceptible. And that's usually the young. -- if it gets into the bloodstream it can be deadly we've seen we've seen situations. In the United States large outbreaks. When you see it does normal people die from someone close as they usually they'll high risk that people Laurie -- Hopefully. -- -- We've got something else going on but it doesn't matter. It's -- it's that. And it's -- susceptible. And your advice for people. -- and what running -- -- them. Salmonella will be killed cook your so everything at its heart why -- you -- -- that. When he -- supplement -- -- -- date with the yoke is running the white is right Salmonella if it's in there. -- --

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{"id":14984578,"title":"How to Safely Cook Your Eggs","duration":"1:43","description":"Former FDA official explains why thorough cooking is safest strategy.","url":"/Blotter/video/how-safely-cook-eggs-14984578","section":"Blotter","mediaType":"default"}