Jesselyn Radack Speaks at Anti-Surveillance Rally in D.C.

Whistleblower protection lawyer addresses mass espionage programs.
3:00 | 10/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jesselyn Radack Speaks at Anti-Surveillance Rally in D.C.
Especially -- act and I work for the government accountability. Project. Which is the nation's leading it was a blur organization. I see our president out there Lillie Clark. I never thought representing whistleblowers would be representing truth -- -- Charged under. The Espionage Act. That's. I can never have believed that but. I have a message from an icy a lot of signs out there banking Edwards -- and and we would not be having. This rally. But for. One person. And that is Edwards Snowden. -- He asked to me who delivered this message to you. And I'm honored to do -- In the last four months. We've learned a lot. About our government. We've learned that the US intelligence community's secretly built a system. A pervasive surveillance. Today. No telephone call in America. Makes a goes through without a record from the and -- day. Today no Internet transaction. -- or leaves America. With out passing through the and -- changed hands. -- representatives. In congress tell -- this is not surveillance. -- -- -- We've also learned this isn't about red or blue or party -- -- And it is definitely not about. -- -- It's about -- work. Control. And trust in government. Now we -- there you have a voice. In our democracy. Or decisions are made for you rather then we deal. We you're here to remind -- government officials. Then they are public servants. Not private investigators. This is about the -- constitutional. I'm -- and immoral actions of the modern -- surveillance date. And how we all must work together to reminding the government to stop them. It's about our right to know. Our right to associate freely and to live. In -- free and open democratic society. We -- witnessing an American moment. In which ordinary people. From high school to high office. Stand up to oppose the dangerous trend in government. We're told that what is unconstitutional. Does not illegal. But we will not be fools. We have not forgotten that the Fourth Amendment in our bill of rights. Prohibits government not only from searching our personal effects without a warrant. But from seizing them in the first place. And doing show in secret. Holding -- this principle. We declared. That -- Surveillance. Has no place in this country. It is to limit for a for him. Elections are coming and we are watching it -- Thank you from -- Snowden.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Whistleblower protection lawyer addresses mass espionage programs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Blotter","id":"20744807","title":"Jesselyn Radack Speaks at Anti-Surveillance Rally in D.C.","url":"/Blotter/video/jesselyn-radack-speaks-anti-surveillance-rally-dc-20744807"}