Labor Activist Risks Life Speaking Out

Kalpona Akter exposes deadly working conditions in factories making US clothes.
3:10 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Labor Activist Risks Life Speaking Out
You've got yourself in a lot of trouble and yes. Why you instantly -- Because in austere but the Amazon worker's eyes. To raise -- it's -- apartment -- -- in Bangladesh. So in -- -- movement toward going on by the bunkers. And it is for our -- its movement because what -- spread raising their voice front it won -- but. The factory orders sent to government data are saying we're investigating that -- -- That is why they have been filed can -- charges against us and are you guilty. Instigating unrest of course not of course not -- aren't we and -- instigating and -- undressed. But what happened to extend have been jailed for -- days -- -- treated we have been treated badly like in international sold day. Internet us eighty hours in -- old. And Kennedy gave me. Seat -- two seed in a place which is. Two feet by four feet so I couldn't -- -- move on from that place. This is the garment industry a good thing for the government of -- hasn't brought jobs. Of course it is good for the country but -- the government should also have responsibility to -- bit of character that was successful. What are they paid and what the conditions. Numerous foreign government -- sick -- Forty dollars -- month. -- on dollars a month forty dollars in modified 208. Doubtless why so about a dollar a day. And pound dollar city so that's what the government workers -- right. Make them close to come here to the US and -- right. You overnight February they're gonna put -- prison for a long time and lawns -- day yeah and -- -- you have to serve if convicted. New Year's minimum three years minute to minute what drives you to take this. Is marking that I I work I was the work I have seen I can be experienced I worked to -- -- -- In an old. 06. Seeking and shop floor. I was taking some time shower in -- on highs and tyrants. I was drinking unseat Barbara. I have been stopped by and a similar basis so I don't want to see any mark up art any -- what kind of coziness and me. This is this is dangerous for -- Eighties it is dangerous for us -- it was in US to. We talk about triangles shipments to sell it in the blocks. From our calling expect. In the same situation triangle and -- wanted to organize themselves. Do you want the same thing that happened in America to happen and that of course we wanted union clients. And that's what should have a place that one finds that on -- accident factories he prepared for that fight we aren't we act.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Kalpona Akter exposes deadly working conditions in factories making US clothes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Blotter","id":"15986671","title":"Labor Activist Risks Life Speaking Out","url":"/Blotter/video/labor-activist-kalpona-akter-risks-life-speaking-15986671"}