Mom Fights to Keep Her 4 Children

Amelia was deported to Mexico; now her 4 kids are up for adoption in Arizona.
2:20 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Mom Fights to Keep Her 4 Children
With a growing number of illegal workers being held at the eighteenth federal detention centers around the country human rights groups say. Thousands of families are being torn apart. -- creating -- collateral consequence in which thousands of children. Our ripped away from their family -- with no real process for being reunited -- experts. Illegal immigrants like ability -- -- him and his face a difficult -- they have killed after trying to fight the system from behind bars a billion accepted deportation back to Mexico. -- -- in the US courts would allow our children to follow but the courts ruled the children to be kept in the US in Foster care. He has not seen her three daughters and a son since the day immigration agents -- -- out of their home in Arizona three and a half years ago. -- My daughters were yelling money my money not -- Miami Heat and a police -- -- inside the apartment because I also arrested in front of them. -- youngest she says literally taken from her arms. I found -- though there will never seen my ground even worse because she was so small. I had just both fatal and -- strong. Now back in Mexico -- millions parental rights have been terminated by an Arizona judge. She says her daughters -- and placed for adoption with one American family and her sons with another. Are strong objections from Mexico went unheeded. And to separate them with so little -- and so little. Flexibility seems. Beyond any punishment. I can think I mean it's worse than any punishment I can think of to do that to -- The case highlights the growing problem with civil rights groups call the shattered families of illegal workers caught -- immigration crackdowns. With an estimated 5100. Children in 22 states sent to Foster care while their parents are either detained or deported -- talk -- message being sent by government officials if you come here you could lose your children.

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{"id":15501827,"title":"Mom Fights to Keep Her 4 Children","duration":"2:20","description":"Amelia was deported to Mexico; now her 4 kids are up for adoption in Arizona.","url":"/Blotter/video/ross-brian-amelia-arizona-mexico-deported-adoption-children-15501827","section":"Blotter","mediaType":"default"}