UN Soldiers in 'Sex Assault' Video Freed For Now

Men seen in cellphone video attacking teen boy released; Haiti outraged.
3:38 | 01/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for UN Soldiers in 'Sex Assault' Video Freed For Now
A dramatic cell phone video showing UN soldiers abusing a young man in the -- but. The soldiers may go free -- latest outrage. Involving UN peacekeepers. Accused of harming those they were sent to protect it is and tragedy and it is deplorable and it's it's unacceptable. Now an exclusive ABC news investigation for -- Yahoo! but the Brian Ross investigative unit. -- their distinctive blue helmets and -- United Nations peacekeeping troops are sent around the world proclaiming their efforts to protect victims of war and disaster. We are committed to helping people in need of assistance. But in Haiti. Two years to the week after the devastating 2000 generously. This impoverished Caribbean island country many -- -- come to believe the UN troops. Doing more harm than good. Patients have taken to the streets to demand the UN troops. Santo. Following allegations involving sexual abuse -- local residents let the soldiers themselves. Stop well -- the dead included developed country. The protesters triggered by the cell -- -- incredibly. Made by UN troops in Europe -- one with his pants down apparently abusing their local teenage -- The troops still in their -- Screams out for help. Incidents like please or -- a dark and unacceptable staying on the record of peacekeepers overall United States ambassador to the UN Joseph -- To be guilty of doing this in those vulnerable societies. And makes it even more intolerable and unacceptable it is not the first side. UN peacekeeping troops in faith have been accused of outrageous behavior against the people they are supposed to protect. More than 100 troops of Sri Lanka were expelled after accusations. They had sex with underage Haitian girls. A violation of UN policy they took them out of the country but as far as we can tell they were never prosecuted. The Secretary General -- the UN says it has a zero tolerance policy or any misconduct. Top UN official. Anthony -- there was sent to Haiti last fall to investigate the -- -- and soldiers. But then very acknowledged to ABC news at the time. Under UN rules he has little -- other than to order the soldiers home for possible prosecution. -- -- really count on those countries to take the kind of tough actions that would backup -- zero tolerance policy. Sometimes we can sometimes we can't -- it but. You know -- that. Sometimes we can't yes yes they're free -- ago they got -- yes. As for the status of those UN troops caught on tape abusing a young Haitian man. Another outrage Europe where newspapers are now reporting that the prosecution of the soldiers has been put on indefinite halt. Supposedly. Because the victim cannot be located to testify in fact his name and village -- address are well known and -- If there was any real interest in finding. I'm Brian Ross ABC news New York. For more on this story and others follow -- and the ABC news investigative team on which.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Men seen in cellphone video attacking teen boy released; Haiti outraged.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Blotter","id":"15308605","title":"UN Soldiers in 'Sex Assault' Video Freed For Now","url":"/Blotter/video/soldiers-sex-assault-video-freed-now-15308605"}