U.S. Concludes Pakistan Friendly Fire Probe

U.S. accepts some blame but ultimately reports deadly airstrikes were justified.
1:50 | 12/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for U.S. Concludes Pakistan Friendly Fire Probe
In -- done today the United States its enemy number one. The death of 24 Pakistani troops need helicopters sparked national fury all directed -- the US military in Afghanistan. Pockets -- was instant and I read an illuminated -- disparate groups from secular political parties -- -- militant party. All calling for hot -- darling -- and next time NATO helicopters attack. Here's what both sides agree on. Just after midnight on November 26 US special forces and Afghan commanders were sent to -- a village. Right near the Pakistani border they came under fire from what they thought were militants but the air strikes they called in destroyed Pakistani border posts. Today the US maintained it fired in self defense. The only mistakes admitted in -- maps in communication. Of their entire -- my friend was that this was a hostile force in insurgent force. -- the written and I -- shooting down at them. Pakistan calls the investigation -- white wash it believes -- American allies intentionally targeted their troops. And now want to renegotiate the bilateral relationship. More money for NATO supply routes -- transparency. On CIA operations. Soared into the -- and a -- -- Therefore -- want to hook new rules of engagement and cooperation. -- United States US says it hopes today's investigation clears the air he refuses to offer formal apology. And that may only increase -- And bring an already troubled relationship. To and you look. Mixture for an ABC news is --

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{"id":15215107,"title":"U.S. Concludes Pakistan Friendly Fire Probe ","duration":"1:50","description":"U.S. accepts some blame but ultimately reports deadly airstrikes were justified.","url":"/Blotter/video/us-concludes-pakistan-friendly-fire-probe-15215107","section":"Blotter","mediaType":"default"}