Watch the Real Life Operation That Inspired 'American Hustle'

ABC News Archive Takes You Back in Time
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for Watch the Real Life Operation That Inspired 'American Hustle'
From ABC this is world news tonight with Peter Jennings in London. Max Robinson in Chicago a special report lawyers -- assist the United States the release of the Abscam tapes. And from our -- in Washington. Frank Reynolds. Good evening the Supreme Court today turned aside the last legal barrier to showing the Abscam videotapes on television so we're about to do just flat. The tape you -- see was recorded during the FBI's undercover operation involving former congressman Michael Myers -- Pennsylvania. Who has since been convicted of accepting a bribe. -- has been expelled from the House of Representatives. Bear in mind the former congressman Myers did not know his words would ever become public. Tim O'Brien has the story. Congressman Myers acknowledged that he took money it would have been hard to deny he's shown here walking out of a hotel room with 50000 dollars. Along with an admonition from undercover FBI agent Tony to -- to spend -- twelfth. For the money Myers promised to help at least businessman whom the FBI and -- with immigration problems in the US. August 30 a jury convicted Myers of bribery and conspiracy. A verdict -- claims was unjustified because he never intended to do any thing for the money he received. I had no intent never had intent. To sell my -- is -- member congress. Whether he meant it or not Myers is also shown on tape assuring undercover agent to veto that he was doing the right thing that the only way to get influence. As to pay for. -- Myers also claim that the government had created the crime and at the FBI had induced him to break the law. But the FBI's tapes clearly show that it was Myers who brought up the idea of introducing private immigration bills. Five months later undercover agents met with -- Myers again here at the -- hotel in Philadelphia. And there are cameras were rolling again as Meyers provided devastating evidence he's shown here complaining that he got shortchanged at the earlier meeting in New York. That he was -- 50000 dollars but after the money was split up -- his friends he -- with only fifteen. Service. That was forced from -- But no problem undercover agent Michael -- assured Myers it was all just a mistake he'll get his money. -- Myers claims agents had plied him with alcohol and he is shown drinking too tall glass of suburban. But his speech was not slurred and the jury apparently refused to believe he was intoxicated so. Early in the Philadelphia meeting -- -- shown boasting about his connections with local leaders in Philadelphia including the City Council. And after incriminating himself Myers went on to impugn his colleagues. And finally if undercover agents needed any more help in learning what Ozzie Meyers was really like the congressman offered this revealing self analysis. The FBI's tactics in this case also came under sharp attack -- congressman arbitrarily singled out by the government. Myers was brought -- Abscam not by the government but by a co defendant who had also been convicted. Did the FBI and has the opportunity for crime clearly it but the Supreme Court has already indicated that law enforcement may do that. But that the government violate Myers civil rights didn't induce him into doing something he was not otherwise disposed to do orchard -- be protected by congressional immunity. Former congressman -- says yes to all three questions questions which will now form the basis of his appeal. Tim O'Brien ABC news New York.

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