Fla. Home Listed With Rolls Royce to Attract Ultra-Wealthy Buyers

The buyer of a seven-bedroom waterfront mansion will also get a Rolls Royce.

Nov. 15, 2013 — -- Selling an impeccable waterfront home doesn't sound like a tough job, but luxury homes these days often need "a little something extra" to demand the attention of the world's wealthiest individuals. That extra touch may be a Rolls-Royce, at least in the case of a $13 million seven-bedroom home in Boca Raton, Fla.

When the property -- at 23,944 square feet, it's Boca Raton's largest on the market -- was listed 45 days ago, it already had interested buyers, said listing agent Senada Adžem.

"I was trying to think of a very creative way to market the property, because it is the largest home on the market in Boca Raton," she said.

The property is a vacation home for the owner, who lives in New Jersey. He is selling the house, which has a nine-car garage, to spend more time with his family there.

Adžem told ABCNews.com, "I asked him, 'What will you do with that fabulous item in the garage?'"

At first, the property was listed with $1.2 million in furnishings included.

"I came from the school of Donald Trump," said Adžem, who says she used to work for Trump for many years. "He advises you to come up with something very, very unique to market a property. Don't even think of going out of the box. Just erase the box."

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Because inventory in Boca Raton is very low, she figured the black, special-edition Phantom Rolls-Royce would attract the attention of people interested in the same kind of "posh" luxurious items.

And the property is indeed posh.

Besides its massive size, it has the only yacht dockage in Boca Raton ready to accommodate three boats, including a 130-foot super-yacht and a 75-foot mega-yacht. The home itself has 16,200 square feet of living space.

"It's really very special, not just in terms of the design and feel for Florida. It's very 'old Hollywood glamour.' When you walk into the door, you feel like you need a martini," she said.

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The home is also across the way from a Waldorf Astoria resort property, where many local residents can golf and dine as members.

Adžem says she wanted to grab the attention of superwealthy clients who can afford the home. And, she added, "It's worked."

After the home was on network television on Thursday night, three more interested buyers called her.

"We've already gotten tremendous interest, and now adding this perk on top of it sweetened the deal," she said.

But she says the seller is "not in a rush to sell" or needs to sell at all.

"It's just a change-of-life circumstances, and I decided to do something exciting to market the property," she said.