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Dec. 5, 2005— -- The holidays are an ideal time to show your appreciation to your boss and co-workers for their support and to wish them good cheer in the New Year. So don't be afraid to give gifts. The goal with giving in workplace is to look smart, clever and genuine -- without breaking the bank.

Tory Johnson, "Good Morning America's" Workplace Contributor, did the homework to help make it easier for you to deliver a meaningful message.

All of these suggestions retail for less than $40 (plus shipping/handling) and will make you look like a gifted giver.

1) Wish colleagues and bosses good cheer creatively

We all want to stand out as exceptional employees, so it makes sense that we'd want our gifts to stand out as memorable as well. The most expensive gift isn't always the most creative, as evidenced by these clever options.

2) Show off your thoughtfulness and preparation

Personalized items show that your gift wasn't a last-second decision. Such gifts show that you're detail-oriented and that you really took the time and effort to plan your purchase. You can easily and economically turn something ordinary into something extraordinary by adding the recipient's name or initials as a personal touch.

3) Show your appreciation to the often-overlooked

There are unsung heroes in all of our workplaces who make things operate smoothly every day. Acknowledge the mailroom clerks, interns, receptionists, cleaning crews and others who make your job easier and more enjoyable with $10 gift cards from places like Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and Blockbuster where $10 goes far.

You can purchase such cards in-store or online at or

4) Demonstrate your sensitivity and awareness

By making a donation to the charity of your choice in the recipient's name -- be it your boss or a co-worker -- you don't have to worry about the dollar amount and you both get to feel great about doing good. Be sure to request that the charity sends an acknowledgement to the recipient or you may describe your kind gesture in your own note.

Whatever you decide to give, be sure to include a hand-written note that expresses your genuine gratitude for the achievements and support throughout the year and be clear that you look forward to the challenges and excitement of the year ahead.

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