Questions to Avoid During the Job Interview

Dec. 18, 2002 -- OK, wouldn't you think common sense would tell you that drinking drain opener is a really bad idea?

But people still drink it, which is why manufacturers label it carefully and point out that it is toxic.

And people still ask pointless — and often illegal — interview questions.

So we feel compelled to label them with a skull and crossbones and point out that asking personal questions is hazardous to your legal health. Fortunately, there are safe questions you can ask instead.

Bob Rosner is the co-author of The Boss's Survival Guide (McGraw-Hill, 2001), along with Allan Halcrow, former editor of Workforce Magazine and Alan Levins, senior partner of San Francisco-based employer law firm Littler Mendelson. Rosner is also founder of the award-winning He can be reached via fax at (206) 780-4353, and via e-mail at: