From Lingerie Runway to Model Drug Smuggler

Colombian model, Angie Sanselmente Valencia, is wanted for arrest for drug trafficking.Handout
Colombian model, Angie Sanselmente Valencia, is wanted for arrest for drug trafficking.

The latest curve in the ever evolving drug smuggling business was uncovered when Argentine police issued an arrest warrant for Angie Sanselmente Valencia, a former lingerie model who has allegedly recruited other attractive women to glide smilingly past customs while carrying bags stuffed with cocaine.

Airport Security staff at Buenos Aires's international airport today confirmed to ABC News that an arrest warrant was out for the Colombian lingerie model for attempting to smuggle 55 kilos of cocaine in to the country.

Angie Sanselmente Valencia, is wanted for leading one of the world's largest drug gangs, according to Argentine newspaper La Nacion.

The 30 year-old Columbian native and former model led a group of females flying cocaine from Argentina to Europe via Cancun, Mexico, the paper reports.

According to La Nacion, Valencia's group of women had the unique characteristic of being pretty, but not flashy, and were getting paid $5,000 for each drug smuggling trip.

Her smuggling network got tripped up in December after security at Argentina's Ezeiza International Airport stopped one of the Colombian's couriers, a 21-year-old woman, trying to board a Cancun flight with 55 kilos (121 pounds) of cocaine.

Twelve hours later, investigators arrested three other people from Valencia's smuggling ring.

Valencia formerly lived in Mexico, then arrived in Argentina on Dec. 7, moving into a four star hotel with her beloved Pomeranian dog, the paper reported. Valencia has disappeared. Investigators tried to trace the Colombian through her Pomeranian dog, but found the dog registered to a warehouse.

Nevertheless, investigators suspect the former model to still be in Argentina.

Argentine Judge Marcelo Aguinsky made two surprise visits to Ezeiza International Airport to investigate whether Valencia's organization had contacts within the air terminal after reports that the cocaine discovered with the courier was found inside the bag without any attempt to conceal it.