ABC News Fixer Throws a Lifeline After Cruise Refund Goes Overboard

Cruise canceled on account of fog, but refund lost at sea.

June 23, 2015, 3:32 PM
PHOTO: Deck of Cruise ship at sea.
Deck of Cruise ship at sea.
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— -- Dear ABC News Fixer: I was supposed to take a Royal Caribbean cruise in February that was cancelled due to fog out of Tampa, Fla. We were told we would be getting a refund. Everyone in our group received their refund except me.

I have been dealing with them for the last few months, to no avail. I received $120 and $37.64 in March with no explanation, but the cruise cost $718.06 so they still owe me $560.

- Ann Staples, Columbia, S.C.

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Dear Ann: You told the ABC News Fixer you’d gone around and around with this, with the cruise line at first telling you to contact your travel agent. You tried that. Then, Royal Caribbean claimed they had already refunded you $997.52 -- which would have been fabulous, considering the cruise only cost $718. But that $997 was applied to a card that’s not yours.

This seemed like a garden variety billing mix-up more than anything else. We got in touch with Royal Caribbean to plead your case and soon heard back from company spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez. They found the error, and have now put through a refund for $560 to your card.

- The ABC News Fixer

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