Getting Your Cable Company to Sweeten the Deal

The ABC News Fixer helps woman trying to get $300 Time Warner Cable gift card.

— -- Dear ABC News Fixer: I've been waiting on my $300 gift card from Time Warner Cable since April.

I've called them numerous times but keep getting the runaround. I still haven't gotten the redemption code I need to sign up for the card. When I call the rewards center, they say they can’t help me until I receive that code.

The $300 gift card was part of a deal they offered me to stay on as a customer.

I’ve called both the rewards center and the cable people and keep going in circles.

- Donna Threatt, Raleigh, N.C.

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Dear Donna: The Fixer was happy to shake loose your missing rebate. According to the Time Warner Cable reward card rules, a customer needs to be in good standing—as you were -- for 90 days, and then it takes another four to six weeks for the Visa gift card to be mailed. The problem was you said you never got the redemption code needed to start this process.

We contacted the cable company for you and they immediately sent out your card. (They attributed the glitch to “human error,” with someone there apparently having typed in the wrong code.)

By the way, good job on getting a sweetener to stay with your provider. Many phone, TV and Internet providers will throw in a little extra if a customer is at the end of their contract and they are worried about them leaving. It helps to know what sorts of deals are being offered to new subscribers as well as what competitors would offer you. Ask to speak with the “retention” or “cancellation” department. You might have to haggle a little, but it can be worth it.

- The ABC News Fixer

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