Metros Ranked By How Much Car Each Can Afford: Where Does Your City Rank?

Washington, D.C.'s, median household can afford to buy a BMW 3 Series

March 12, 2014, 9:40 AM
PHOTO: Ford Fusion SE Hybrid
Ford Fusion SE Hybrid

March 12, 2014 -- intro: In only one metro area in the United States can a median income household afford to buy the average new-priced car, according to a study just released by

A median income household in Washington, D.C., can afford to pay $32,086 for a new vehicle--the average U.S. price for a new car or light truck in 2013. That makes Washington unique. Median households in every other major U.S. metro cannot afford to pay that same price.

California pushes to finish driverless car rules ranked 25 metro areas by median household income and by what kind of car each can afford. Tampa, Florida, came in last at #25. With a median income of $44,402, the average household in Tampa can afford to pay $14,209--roughly the price of a new Nissan Versa S Sedan.

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A median Washington, D.C., household, by contrast, can afford to pay $32,531--which might buy a nice new BMW 3 Series.

We've presented, below, the top 10 cities, ranked according to median household income and by what sort of car each household can afford to buy. Click here to see additional metro areas ranked.

quicklist: 1title: Washington, D.C.category: media: 22869029text: BMW 3 Series, $32,531

quicklist: 2title: San Franciscocategory: media: 22868868text: Ford Fusion SE Hybrid, $28,009

quicklist: 3title: Bostoncategory: media: 22868782text: Chevrolet Impala LS, $26,669

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quicklist: 4title: Minneapoliscategory: media: 22869441text: Honda CRV LX AWD, $24,846

quicklist: 5title: Baltimorecategory: media: 22869196text: Buick Verano, $24,591

quicklist: 6title: Seattlecategory: media: 22869344text: Subaru Outback, $23,600

quicklist: 7title: Portland, Ore.category:media: 22869147text: Toyota Prius C, $22,905

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quicklist: 8title: Denvercategory:media: 22868926text: Jeep Cherokee Sport, $22,775

quicklist: 9title: San Diegocategory:media: 22869246text: Mazda CX-5, $22,175

quicklist: 10title: New Yorkcategory:media: : 22869440text: Fiat 500L Easy, $21,907

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