'Downton Abbey' Jewelry Box and Ride-On Dragons Among Holiday Gifts for Rich Kids

'Downton Abbey' jewelry box and ride-on dragons are in this holiday "wish list."

— -- What do you get for the kid that has everything? (And we mean everything.) If you have money to spare, you can order these gifts that can cost four- to six-figures.

Here's what's hot this holiday season:

1. 'Downton Abbey' Jewelry Box: $93,000

Any lover of the PBS period television series Downtown Abbey will appreciate this jewelry box modeled after Highclere Castle, where the show is filmed. It features 10,944 pieces crafted by skilled artisans.

The interior is lined in faux suede and has three main drawers, including a secret one.

2. 3.6-Foot Ride-On Dragon: $1,280

"Go on a magical journey with this 3.6-foot ride-on dragon" made in the U.S. from toy maker Hansa, states Moda Operandi.

"The plush stuffed animal is individually handcrafted to look real. To create, an artisan hand cut each 'coat' to shape before adding life-like features."

3. Hand-Painted Wooden And Gilt Elephant Rocker: $100,000

Carved from American white oak in five months with leather and individual leaves of 24-karat gold, this elephant rocker was made in London. British luxury goods maker Asprey releases a children's fantasy animal rocker each holiday season designed by Donald Chaffin, the English illustrator of “Fantastic Mr. Fox.”

4. BMW Children's Car: $21,300

5. Teddy Bear Bank: $70,000

This teddy bear bank is made of sterling silver in London with hand-painted floral enamel by Asprey.

6. Bamford Bike With Vision Metron 40 Wheel: $14,000

Luxury watch maker Bamford has used its meticulous attention to detail to make a bike that foregoes the standard single-mold construction. It's made in London of carbon fiber, aluminum alloy and titanium.

7. Sterling Silver Elephant Music Box: $3,300

Measuring only 6 by 5 inches, this music box made of sterling silver. The item's description states, "Masters of all things luxurious, Asprey creates lavish presents for even the youngest among us..."

Remind the gift recipient of your wealth with this pencil sketch on paper by famed artist Andy Warhol.

9. $2,198 Bonus: Canvas Tent

This tent from Boston-based menswear company Ball and Buck will be a winner with the whole family. Made in the U.S. from Marine Boatshrunk Canvas, the 12 by 15 foot is "perfect" for two to four people, says Ball and Buck.