How Edward Norton Is Trying to Elevate 'Giving Tuesday' to Black Friday's Popularity

The Oscar-nominated actor invites the public to give in a cool, tech-savvy way.

"There was all this energy and attention on gearing up for the holiday shopping season, and some people got together and decided there should be reminder that the holiday season is also the season of giving back and that a day should be dedicated to rallying momentum around that idea," Norton told ABC News.

"December also marks the beginning of what for most nonprofit organizations is a year-end fundraising push," Norton said. "I think the idea of creating one day where people can get excited to support their favorite causes and organizations before the end of the year is really smart."

With the generous spirit of the holidays, consumers can avoid being scammed by doing a little homework before investing in a cause.

Norton shared about his thoughts on how people can participate on Giving Tuesday and the for-profit charitable fundraising platform CrowdRise that he co-founded in 2009.

What is your involvement with Giving Tuesday? And how can others participate creatively?

"We're always trying to find innovative ways to rally people around giving back and make it fun. People like to see and feel that they've been a part of something big and so we wanted to create a campaign that shows the collective impact of giving on Giving Tuesday. So we decided to build a giant virtual reality Giving Tower that shows the donations literally stacking up. Kind of a 21st century version of the old fundraising thermometer."

"People should check it out," he added. "Download the app and point it at a dollar bill. It's really cool."

What's your latest work with CrowdRise?

"And, we just launched our annual CrowdRise Holiday Challenge, a $250,000 fundraising competition for charities to rally their supporters around."