The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes Still on the Market

The seven priciest celebrity homes on the market.

Jan. 1, 2014— -- intro: While celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Reese Witherspoon and Howie Mandel have managed to list and sell their homes this year, here are seven houses that have lingered on the market into the new year.

See who owns the seven most expensive celebrity homes -- priced from $20 million to $72.5 million -- that have yet to sell.

In Photos: Celebrity Real Estate

Here are some photos and details about them, courtesy of Zillow, just in case you are house-hunting:

quicklist: title: Celine Dion media: 21210184 category: $72.5 million text: Jupiter Island, Fla.

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quicklist: title: Richard Gere media: 19760129 category: $65 million text: North Haven, N.Y., in the Hamptons

quicklist: title: Bob Hope media: 20397331 category: $50 million text: Palm Springs, Calif.

quicklist: title: Bob Weinstein media: 19871216 category: $32 million text: Greenwich, Conn.

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quicklist: title: Barry Bonds media: 21123118 category: $25 million text: Los Angeles

quicklist: title: Michael Jordan media: 20657978 category: $21 million text: Highland Park, Ill.

quicklist: title: Tim McGraw, Faith Hill media: 19713563 category: $20 million text: Franklin, Tenn.