McAfee Founder Who Fled Belize Now Subject of Bizarre 'Protective Order'

The eccentric Silicon Valley businessman is the subject of a bizzare complaint.

BySusanna Kim
November 26, 2013, 10:16 AM
PHOTO: Antivirus pioneer John McAfee poses for a photograph in Montreal, Aug. 24, 2013.
Antivirus pioneer John McAfee poses for a photograph in Montreal, Aug. 24, 2013.
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Nov. 26, 2013 — -- Security software founder John McAfee denies that he threatened the life of his property manager, who filed a civil "stalking protective order" against the former Silicon Valley businessman.

Connor Hyde, McAfee's property manager in Portland, Ore., said McAfee "warned that if I did not 'cooperate fully with [him]' he would consider me to be an integral part of a conspiracy that he believes he is the subject of," according to a stalking protective order filed in court Nov. 21. Hyde details incidents of "unwanted contact" in the complaint obtained by the Oregonian.

McAfee, who made his fortune when he sold his security software firm McAfee Associates, made headlines last year when he was called "a person of interest" in the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Faull, in Belize. He then traveled to Guatemala, was deported to Miami and landed in Portland in January, the newspaper reported.

McAfee, who told his actions "in no way" were stalking Hyde, explained that he plans to file a civil complaint against the building management company for mismanaging the property, including allowing items to disappear from his home.

"I did break my lease and did not pay my bill and do not intend to because ten times the amount has disappeared," said McAfee, who left the home in September and is living in Montreal now.

McAfee had fallen behind on his rental payments for his upscale apartment, leading Hyde to write an email on Oct. 21, notifying McAfee that his rent was 21 days overdue. According to the complaint, Hyde outlines in the email that if he wished to honor the lease through Feb. 22, 2014, McAfee would need to immediately pay the balance of $2,109.58

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"[McAfee] employs bodyguards from a 'motorcycle club' that are often armed," says Hyde according to the complaint. "[McAfee] has access to money, drugs, weapons, and armed associates. He has the ability to follow through with his threats either personally or through his associates."

McAfee said he has videos of people entering his property without permission that he will reveal with his civil lawsuit.

When asked about his security detail, McAfee said, "Everybody knows I have security. Frequently I hire security from motorcycle gangs."

One of his tattooed security guards is a former police officer, he said.

"I have always, 24 hours a day, had security for the past 25 years," McAfee said.

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In an email sent on Oct. 21, the newspaper reported that McAfee wrote to Hyde, "I hope you are prepared to explain what happened to the surveillance tapes the night that your acquaintances attempted to collect me. I saw the video if [sic] you and your sidekick entering the video room at 7:26 in the morning after the failed attempt. What do you think the real police will make of it? I hope you have a safe to run to."

"It's a contentious issue," McAfee told The Oregonian. "I certainly never threatened anybody, except with threats of lawsuits."

"So am making this one time only offer to you: Cooperate FULLY with me, and I guarantee that your name will never come up in any context in any action that I take," McAfee wrote in his email on Oct. 21, according to the complaint. "If you refuse, or if you continue to lie to me, then I promise you, I will consider you as an integral part of what happened to me. I warn you - no more lies Connor. Consider your response carefully. You made a poor decision in choosing to be involved in this matter. Do not make another poor decision."

Attempts to contact Hyde weren't immediately successful.

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