NFL Player Ryan Broyles and His Family Live on $60,000 a Year

Detroit Lions wide receiver Ryan Broyles lives on a budget despite millions.

Broyles, 27, and his wife Mary Beth are living on a budget to avoid the bankruptcy path that befalls many professional athletes, Broyles said, noting he met with a financial adviser after he was drafted in 2012, according to ESPN.

About $1.4 million of his contract was guaranteed -- meaning he'll get that no matter what -- but Broyles avoided splurging and instead has put much of his money toward retirement and investments.

"Then you know how much you can invest, how risky you can be," Broyles told ESPN. "Then, when I was hitting the same budget over three, four, five months, it was all right, this is what your budget is and I had some spending money."

Selected in the second-round of the NFL draft, the All-American was picked as the 2012 Detroit Lions Rookie of the Year by the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association.

Broyles' Twitter description states, "Your talent is Gods gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God! Living for The Lord & married to my best friend."