North Carolina Handyman Wins $10 Million Lotto Jackpot

Dale and Robin Summey opted for a lump-sum payment of $6 million.

— -- “I’ve done it.”

Those were the words Dale Summey says he told his wife, Robin, after realizing a scratch-off ticket he’d purchased for $30 was a $10 million winner.

The Summeys, along with their son, Dustin, collected their check at North Carolina Education Lottery headquarters last week, becoming the biggest scratch-off winners in state lottery history.

“It feels wonderful,” Summey, who could not be reached by ABC News, told lottery officials. “But it is still hard to believe…it’s wonderful and it’s a blessing.”

Summey, a roofer and handyman from Lexington, N.C., told officials he purchased the winning ticket at a local gas station and held on to it for four days before he knew it was a winner.

It was at the same picnic table outside their home where Summey said he and his wife would fantasize about what they would do with a lotto jackpot that Summey scratched off the ticket and saw he was finally a winner.

“I’ve done it,’” he recalled telling Robin, followed by her reply of, “Done what?”

“I’ve won $10 million,” he answered.

The Summeys chose to receive the lump sum payment of $6 million. After state and federal taxes were withheld, the couple walked away with $4.1 million, according to lottery officials.

Summey did not say exactly what the family plans to do with the money, but their fantasy list often included buying a car and truck, a tractor for their son, Dustin, and taking care of their parents.