Pals' Love of Vintage Shorts Becomes Online Success

Four friends ditched their jobs to create and sell a fashion obsession.

— -- Chubbies began with four Stanford graduates in San Francisco, California, who loved wearing vintage shorts and wanted to start their own business.

In 2011, the friends -- Kyle Hency, Preston Rutherford, Tom Montgomery and Rainer Castillo -- ditched their jobs, packed up 20 pairs of shorts that they'd made themselves and headed to Lake Tahoe for vacation.

They spent their vacation, paddle-boarding and playing horseshoes, all while wearing the shorts. Their shorts style turned more than a few heads, they said.

"People would come up to us -- people we had never met before -- people just saying, 'What in world are these shorts?'" Rutherford said.

The four friends soon sold the shorts they'd brought to Lake Tahoe to their friends -- and in several days, their online business had been born.

They named the shorts Chubbies Shorts -- Chubbies for short -- because of the elastic waistband. They said the shorts were a throwback to the kind of bottoms and swim trunks your father wore while having a drink or grilling on the beach. The elastic band was never too snug on the waistline.

"The military's a big component for us," Montgomery said. "They've been supportive from Day 1."

"From Day 1, a conversation for us was, 'What can we do that's good with this company?' And one of the big things for us was saying, 'We can create American jobs here in America,'" Castillo said.

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