Even pets get gifts on the holidays

— -- A Christmas stocking for Spot? A toy mouse for Mittens?

Not only are holiday shoppers buying gifts for themselves this year — they're also pampering their pets. Eight in 10 owners plan to buy "a special holiday treat" for their pet, according to a Petplan Pet Insurance survey. Of those buyers, 28% plan to spend $50 or more.

Owners are snapping up everything from candy-cane-themed bird-cage toys to crystal-encrusted dog collars. Some are even buying a holiday music CD that is designed with cat and dog hearing sensitivities in mind.

Manhattan resident Samantha Martin bought her three Dachshunds winter coats, as well as toys that will be unwrapped on Christmas morning.

And Jamie Ann Blakley is among the 63% of pet owners who will include a photo of their animal in a holiday greeting card. Her card features her recently adopted Pomeranian, Tiny.

For those who want to spoil a furry friend but don't have one, Iams' Home 4 the Holidays project lets folks donate pet food to shelters and rescue centers, and encourages adoption. Petfinder.com's "foster a lonely pet program" lets people care for shelter or rescue animals during the holidays.