Sam Sung's Old Apple Uniform Raises More than $2,000 for Charity

PHOTO: Apple retail employee Sam Sungs stuff reaches $6K on eBayayesamsung/eBay
Apple retail employee Sam Sung's stuff reaches thousands of dollars on eBay.

A former Apple retail employee is using his coincidental name, Sam Sung, to raise thousands for charity.

Sung, a former "specialist" at the Pacific Centre Apple store in Vancouver, British Columbia, auctioned off a framed employee T-shirt, lanyard name tag and business card Friday. The proceeds will benefit a chapter of the Canadian Charity Children's Wish in Vancouver, which grants wishes to ailing children.

Sung managed to raise $2,653 for charity, a decent sum but far lower than some of the highest bids he received. After starting the auction last week with a starting price of just 99 cents, the bids topped out around $80,000.

However, Sung stopped accepting the excessive bids, because he did not believe they were real.

“There have been a number of fake bids and I'm trying to protect buyers with positive feedback and eliminate fake bids,” wrote Sung on eBay.

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Sung took to twitter after the auction closed and said he’s still happy with the final sum.

Sung's identity went viral in 2012 when an intrigued customer tweeted a photo of Sung's business card, as Apple and Korean electronics giant Samsung were entrenched in an intellectual property legal battle.

Sung, 25, said the idea for the auction was inspired when one of his old business cards fell out of a book, he wrote on his eBay page.

"I had a great time working for Apple and would recommend it to anyone," he wrote. "I hope my old business card will go to another fellow Apple enthusiast with a sense of humour [sic] and the desire to help raise some money for a good cause."

He worked at Apple for three years before joining recruitment firm Holloway Schulz in July 2013.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.