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  • 'Octomom' Made Thousands in June

    'Octomom' Made Thousands in June
    Beyonce reportedly spent $14,000 during an hour-and-a-half long shopping spree in London July 13, 2011,according to the British Sun.
    Donna Svennevik/ABC News
  • Suri's Shoe Stash Worth $150K?

    Suri's Shoe Stash Worth $150K?
    An ATM receipt showing a $100 million account balance was left behind at a Hamptons, Long Island Capital One bank. The receipt, uncovered by <a href=""></a>, reportedly belongs to billionaire hedge fund manager and Hamptons resident, David Tepper. The ATM slip shows a savings balance of a whopping $99,864,731.94. Needless to say - he had to pay the $2.75 - just like the rest of us. When contacted by Dealbreaker, Mr Tepper joked that he "hadn't used an ATM since Lehman."
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