Hottest New Toys Under $25

Check out the hottest toys under $25 for the holiday season.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Hottest New Toys Under $25
Christmas Day right around the corner Santa's -- of course are working overtime to make sure all the kids get what they want but this Christmas sweats and a handle those big ticket items you can still be a hero though this season. Some of the hottest -- available for under 25 dollars and here with us to share some of those great gift ideas -- Laurie shot toy -- mom. Give the roughest job. Looking for toys. I have so much fun doing and I. This -- 125 dollars and there aren't -- all budgets but it's great that you can find populist ways. Under that 25 gallon mark and going to start with looking okay so I'm not our. You know -- -- -- been around for almost forty years and all that time she's not hats and shirts and figuring some stuffed animals but she never -- an opposable -- before and now she -- for the first time out there for the first time and she's beautiful she's wonderful and the girls just lots are a couple of different a couple of versions yet it is actually four different versions that are out with mistress collection asset partners -- Article -- -- -- to talk about collections. Monster high continues to top girls -- continues to do what is the fascination with just a lot -- this story lines behind it so this is from the thirteen wishes collection this story here is that how mean well. Find the genie -- genie comes out in grants for thirteen witches. The moral of the story is east careful. What you wish -- but anyway the delta 1999 eats good price point and yet aren't there okay. -- just Superman can fly. These are flying here for a company called the bridge direct and now all of your favorite superheroes can fly it's great to do this outside because you can really get some -- -- these. But I simply putting your favorite superhero on the launcher. And cooling -- allegedly just give you an idea and then kids can running have to go get a grip but that we. So there are a lot of fun easy ticket to get a taste then and only if they expect simply here -- yes that's like that yeah. That's not about the -- -- -- goes against it isn't 9061. -- yeah. -- -- talking homicide of the we're getting everything -- of that magic untested. Is really great bulk of place that I pirate hope they do have girl themes that's cool cat is -- special out. We have. Transfers. Okay water. And we may all of our characters tickets may -- characters they acted out they get to play right out and as you can see I made one of my characters here. OK you can leave out to dry Omar and ask you this -- this OK and what you'll find is that if -- just going in there's just not a good -- I'm. You -- -- is not credible eyewitness what is gluten free. They're on the bad -- right now don't worry. -- also just yet but it is that it. Absolutely going to disappear what does that mean we put all of -- magic and no way cover -- up when ready the next time we make a whole new set of pirates and imagination in new right and there you back to these get start from 999 book to that 1999 and what difference -- with magic underwear it. Is that what and it just what that's it when I'm doing the transfer. A -- he comes with water yet out while you put the -- That's that's that's not an elegant apartment and went five it would -- -- a bottle of water OK OK and -- -- well. This year this is -- there -- atmosphere and it just here that we are just simple flying with the pump I can't. So we can just play and it's time that I used it really -- tool is actually well now it's -- anti death. So it is -- says. This is actually 25 mind -- I have found in a ready to retailers 123 dollars -- -- it it keep it away from the hair -- -- in the. I -- how many -- sisters have had a patent that emergency got definitely for kids eight. This is all -- all under 25 dollar all -- 25 you can still be your hero at this holiday season large cat toy insider Bob thank you so much happy holiday you can't.

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{"id":22903100,"title":"Hottest New Toys Under $25","duration":"3:00","description":"Check out the hottest toys under $25 for the holiday season.","url":"/Business/video/hottest-toys-25-22903100","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}