Tax Tip: How to Get Your Refund Quicker

With a month before the April 15th deadline, many are already looking for cash.

March 16, 2015, 12:45 AM
PHOTO: A tax form is seen in this undated stock file photo.
A tax form is seen in this undated stock file photo.
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— -- If the IRS owes you money and you want it quickly, file an electronic return.

“You can get your refund back generally within 20-21 days, versus maybe four to six weeks,” says Bob Meighan with the tax prep firm TurboTax.

Accountant Janice Hayman says if you want to find out more about money you’re owed, go to the main page at and look for a specific section on the website.

“'Where’s my refund?' ... It’s right on their main page,” says Hayman. “You just need to know the amount of your refund and your own personal information.”

However, just because you get a refund check fast doesn’t mean you won’t hear from the IRS later.

“There could be a delay of almost 18 months before a notice reaches you,” said Hayman. “We call that the CP2000: Notice of Proposed Changes.”

By the way, any questions the IRS has about your return would come by U.S. mail, not via a phone call or email.

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