Teen Earns Facebook Stardom by Sharing Tips on How to Stretch Modest Means

PHOTO: A girl known by her nickname, La Chiki, is seen in this undated profile photo on Facebook. PlayCatrachiki/Facebook
WATCH Unlikely Facebook Star Shares Tips on Living With Modest Means

A 14-year-old girl from one of the world's poorest countries is showing that social media stardom isn't reserved for the rich and famous.

Paola Mejía, who lives in Honduras and is known by her nickname La Chiki, or "the little one," has over 100,000 followers on Facebook. The teen has built that loyal following with her unique perspective on how to make the most out of modest means.

Among her Facebook tips are suggestions of how to eat without spending much: A simple meal of butter on bread; how to stretch your clothing budget by shopping at second-hand stores; and how to avoid a costly trip to the salon by using a clothing iron to straighten her hair.

Her catchphrase is "Be humble."

When asked by ABC News how she feels about her fame, Mejía said, "Well, I am not fond of the word fame. I like the word popular much better. It’s nice that people recognize me in the streets and that they say hi to me. It feels good, but the best part of being popular is that you have the opportunity to transmit to thousands of people a positive message."

Mejía, who is in the equivalent of ninth grade in the U.S., has also been interviewed by both local and international media. The BBC's headline about her is, "How to be poor -- a Facebook guide." But as her fame grows, local businesses are reportedly compensating her for endorsements, such as a cell phone company and pizza restaurant, according to the BBC. And that has prompted her Facebook fans to urge her not to "sell out."

Mejía told ABC News she has received money only once.

"Almost every time the businesses give me food or products that they are selling," she said.

One short video posted on April 15 has a title that's translated into English, "Watch Chiki If You Want to Buy a Cell Phone at a Good Price."

It all started as a dare, the BBC reports, and now she's a viral sensation.