Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistresses Cash In

Tabloids offer six-figure sums to women who claim affairs with golfing great.

Dec. 14, 2009— -- The U.K. tabloid News of the World on its Web site promises "big bucks for tips, stories, pictures and videos. Buy a new kitchen, put the money towards a new car or treat your family to a holiday -- your story could be worth a small fortune!"

The willingness of media outlets to pay up for celebrity dirt has caught the attention of Tiger Woods' alleged paramours, some of whom are brokering six-figure deals in the U.S. and Britain, selling the steamy details of their reported romances to the highest bidder, an insider said.

"Mistresses were being offered between $100,000 and $200,000 to talk to the British tabloids and American magazines," said an insider who helped one purported paramour sell her saucy story to a U.K. tabloid.

Even friends and relatives of the women can get in on the cash.

"Family members with great info were offered about $20,000, up to $50,000, for their interviews. These are usually done in conjunction with a shy mistress who doesn't want to go public," she said.

Following the initial reports of an affair with nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel and a bizarre early morning car crash outside his Florida home on Nov. 27, a steady stream of women have come forward to claim they had affairs with the married Woods.

At least three of the more than one dozen women who have claimed to have had affairs with the golfer have reportedly sold their stories to the paying press.

In recent weeks a porn star and a pancake waitress have each reportedly sold their stories of secret sex romps with the golfer, supplying text messages and voice mail messages said to confirm the connection.

News of the World reportedly paid Mindy Lawton, 33, a waitress at a Perkin's diner in Orlando, who told the tabloid she and Woods had sex in the golfer's home and his car parked in a church parking lot.

Haley Barlow, the paper's public relations manager, would not comment on exactly how much the paper paid Lawton, but said: "News of the World pays very well for very good stories."

Barlow added that a front-page story sells for significantly more than one inside the paper.

Two weeks ago, US Weekly released voicemail recordings cocktail waitress Jamiee Grubbs, 24, said came from Tiger.

"Hey, it's Tiger. I need you to do me a huge favor," Woods says in the message. "Can you please, uh, take your name off your phone? My wife went through my phone and may be calling you. If you can, please take your name off that and, um, what do you call it, just have it as a number on the voicemail. Just have it as your telephone number. You have to do this for me. Huge. Quickly. Bye."

US Weekly spokeswoman Eva Ross said she "would definitely not comment" on whether the magazine pays for stories.

She told the magazine she met the golfer in 2007, two months before Elin Nordegren delivered their first child.

Since the National Enquirer named Rachel Uchitel, 34, the No. 1 alleged mistress of the world's No. 1 golfer, the nightclub hostess has denied the affair, while continuing to talk to the media.

"Rachel signed a lucrative three-week deal with OK! magazine," says the source. "But it was not over a million dollars. She definitely made six figures though, and she's guaranteed to have her lawyer, Gloria Allred, in the room with her during interviews."

OK! Did not immediately return calls for comment by ABCNews.com.

Uchitel was reported to be in talks to pose nude in Playboy magazine. Her attorney did not deny that she had been talking to the magazine, but issued a statement saying Uchitel would not appear in its pages.

"Rumors that Rachel Uchitel will be appearing in Playboy have been circulating. Those rumors are false. Rachel will not be appearing in Playboy," Allred said in a statement.

Beyond receiving money from the tabloids, Uchitel is rumored to have received money from Woods for keeping mum on the affair. A press conference her lawyer scheduled was cancelled at the last minute, fueling speculation.

News Web site The Daily Beast has reported Woods paid Uchitel $5 million to deny their alleged affair.

Another unnamed person who claimed to have nude pictures of the golfer tried selling them to Playgirl magazine. The magazine, however, said it declined to purchase the photos over concerns about authenticity.

As Woods' alleged paramours make money of the golfer's purported affairs, the highest paid athlete in world is steadily losing some of his lucrative endorsements.

Over the weekend management firm Accenture dropped Woods as a corporate spokesman and Gillette said it was ratcheting down their relationship with the golfer.

Friday night, in a statement on his Web site, Woods acknowledged for the first time his "infidelities" and said he would stop playing golf for an indefinite period.

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